Rename Armor ID Names for Body and Legs

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Issue description

The current armor registry names/ids in-game are shown here:

Helmet uses <armor_id>helmet

Chestplate uses <armor_id>body

Leggings use <armor_id>legs

Boots use <armor_id>boots

The helmet and boots are just like vanilla id's, but the chestplate/leggings uses body/legs, which are not vanilla.


For example, enderite_body and enderite_legs would be the ids for commands in-game for Enderite Chestplate and Enderite Leggings.


Please change it so when it generates the mod, it uses  chestplate instead of body and leggings instead of legs. In the visual section, please add a new parameter for each piece of armor in the advanced settings for the registry name after the main mod element registry name.

Issue comments

I will fix the naming so proper names will be used. Changing armor names per part is planned for future updates.

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