More animation options for entity

Published by isacosos on Sun, 08/02/2020 - 15:15
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Issue description

Just a request for the next update. I've been adding a few entities to my mod and I feel like som features are missing. For example; The option to add an idle animation, this could be in either the mob AI procedure or as a separate window in the "define animation" window when adding an entity. This could be useful when making a fish-like creature, and you want the fins to constantly move back and forth (not the "constantly move in X-direction" option). This could be added to the AI window by adding a "While idle" procedure block which could be linked to a "animate arms/legs/head etc". If this doesn't work, maybe you could add the option to constantly rotate in a certain axis between two relative degree points. Like constantly rotate (bodypart) along Y-axis from 10° - 40°. The part/bone starts at 10°, then slowly or quickly rotates to 40°, then if would rotate back to 10°, where the animation starts over.

Issue comments

Full animator is a bit out of scope at the moment but might be added if we add modeler in the future.

Or when it gets open-sourced and someone might take initiative in this. Right now with single dev, this is out of scope.

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