Display Armor Icons in Item Selector

Published by rmsandegs on Sun, 08/02/2020 - 16:42
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Issue description

It would be really nice if the actual item sprites for armor pieces displayed in MCreator in the item selector (ie in procedures or in crafting recipes). I have several armor sets in my mod and they all show up as the default gray-armor-with-mcreator-logo texture. This makes it pretty hard to tell them apart and I just end up having to guess or hover over each armor set until I find the right one. It's a pretty small QOL change in the grand scheme of things but it'd be a huge help!

Issue comments

I do plan adding this in the future, but I will have to rewrite preview system to allow for this (multiple preview icons per mod element) so it might not be added that soon.

Alright, that's pretty reasonable. I've been living with it this far so it'll be ok. I'll just go and play with all the cool new stuff in 2020.4 ;)

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