Item/Block Tabs for GUI Slots

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Hey there! I wanted to make a quick feature request for something I'm unsure why it isn't in MCreator already.

I mean, the title says it all. The feature request is just for being able to use Item/Block Tags in GUIs. There's not even really much to explain and, again, I really can't see why it's not in MCreator, but perhaps there's a reason I'm ignoring right now. Imagine being able to make, like I am trying to do, a custom enchanting method with GUIs and not being able to limit a slot so that it can only contain the custom enchantment books. Right now, if I try to make multiple enchanting books, I cannot make it so I can only put those and no other item inside the slot because of the fact that each book is a different item. This could be useful in general tho, especially for custom crafting tables, but I'm sure other creators would be able to find other uses for a feature such as this one.

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