"Break block" AI Task

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Issue description

There in vanilla MC, zombies can break wooden doors in villages on hard difficulty level. So there it's vanilla AI task about break blocks.

I propose try to implement that AI task in MCreator, that can be given for custom mobs with specify of blocks that mob have to break. :)

Issue comments

BreakDoorGoal is one of the most complicated goals in Minecraft and it is spefically written for doors, so adding a goal like this will require custom goal but if a custom goal is going to be written for this every mod created with MCreator will have it but I don't think everyone is going to use it and they will be just there for nothing.

Actually found a BreakBlockGoal while searching through stuff, but I can't see any minecraft entity using it, if I can find a entity using it, I could create a plugin for this.

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