Missing Textures (Every Vanilla texture!)

Issue description

I was just going to test out a new feature for my mod, and then Every Single vanilla texture just showed up as a Missing Texture. All my Mod elements worked just fine, this is just something I never thought I would see.


My system is Debian 8.6 (Jessie)  With KDE Plasma (Kinda outdated, ik)

Just in case that helps, I put it there

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Heres a screenshot I took of the landscape651.23 KB 651.23 KB

Issue comments

Unfortunately, I can't test on this platform, but you can try this:

In some cases, Gradle caches that make sure the build process does not take too long can get corrupted. In such a case, go to:

<your user home folder>/.mcreator/gradle

In this folder, there is a folder called caches. Delete this folder and open MCreator again. Next build will take a bit longer as caches need to be rebuilt. If you can not delete all files in this folder (which is necessary), reboot the computer first to remove any potential file locks.

If this is not enough to make things work, delete the entire gradle folder, not just caches, and try again.

I suspect it is corrupted aches

After reading the Logs and deleting the Caches, After restarting MCreator, everything went back to normal