Add Blast Furnace Recipe when Material/Ore Pack is Created

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Issue description

When you use the "Create Ore Pack" or "Create Material Pack," the basic ore recipes include crafting the mineral block, back into ingots, and smelting in a regular furnace, but not a blast furnace recipe is added. Please add the recipe and change the ore block id to "<mineral_name>_block" instead of "<mineral_name>_ore_block."

Issue comments

<mineral_name>_block is reseved for material block, ore block needs additional preffix to distinguish from ore and material block.

I will consider blasting recipe.

The ID follows here: 

Mineral Ore: <mineral>_ore - The block that generates naturally throughout the world.

Block of Mineral: <nmineral>_block - The compressed block created from 9 units of the mineral.

The compressed block's id is <mineral>_ore_block.


After I make the pack, I use the id tool to change the oreblock's id. For example if my custom pack was rubies, I would change the ID of the compressed block from ruby_ore_block to ruby_block, similarly to vanilla like diamond_block  or emerald_block.