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Published by akamashi on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 11:06
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Hi klemen ! I need your tips in coding because i'm beginner :'(

I want to add variants textures to my entities. I know that's not possible yet with mcreator. I watched many features about it, and we need to code... (>w<)'

So, I would like edit my entity java code in mcreator (some people in features have advised to see in the minecraft vanilla code of entity with variant texture, like cats, horses, villagers...) but I don't know what exactly i have to change...  (T_T)  my code are a little bit different...

I will share a screen of my code (the part that i suspect that i have to edit to add more textures). You can see the path of the texture (.png)

So, what should I do to ? What have I to add ?

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(on the line selected there is the path of the texture)105.78 KB 105.78 KB

Issue comments

So you mean that I should wait that you implent this in mcreator ?

It's not a problem for me ^^

I support you, your work is amazing !


(thanks for your super fast reply xD your the best)

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