Enchanting table support for custom ranged items, normal items and more

Published by MMG on Mon, 08/17/2020 - 15:13
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Issue description

So. Hi. It's me. Again XD (kinda hard to make unique introduction to every new issue, I don't even know why am I doing this)


So. Kinda weird I never saw this suggestion and it's a pretty basic thing. Basically


I just made some enchants for my ranged item and discovered I cannot enchant it in enchant table.

So my idea is that all kinds of items. (item element, ranged tool element, tool element, maybe more) Would have a checkbox with name "can be enchanted". If you select this and then make enchantment and add it to list of "Can be applied to" this enchant could be added to that item. I think you got the idea by this point.

Issue comments

Unfortunately, MC check by the Item class for weapons, in ranged item case, for ItemBow which custom ranged items are not.

There is already a ticket for this (a few I believe), I will reopen that ticket if this will change.

okay, but how other mods not created with Mcreator are doing it? Some API or something? I remember Thaumcraft 3's wands used to have specific enchantments for them

APIs change so it might be possible back then. 

You could change this with coremod or mixing likely, but currently there is no direct hook to change this in the API