Pulling from a Git branch causes elements to fail to compile and other elements from other branches to show up.

Published by Dovencio on Sun, 08/23/2020 - 02:39
Issue description

When pulling off of https://github.com/Dovencio/CraftFinder the Runes branch and Potions branch are both pulled though there is no reference to them in the actual Github branch. The elements folder only has the files in each branch yet somehow they are copied over in the project file or something. Most of the files that were originally in the branch fail to compile.

Issue comments

I used Github Desktop it looks like the .mcreator file is merged instead of replaced when switching branches causing those elements to stay?

If you used Github Desktop, I don't know how it decides when to merge and when to copy over.

Git is still in very dev stage, I do plan on more testing and bug fixing when I get some time to focus on this feature.

For now, I recommend using git terminal or similar software to manage more advanced cases manually.

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