Option to completely disable entity collisions

Published by Scootied on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 06:21
Issue description

May be difficult to implement but the core idea is this; I want to have the ability to make entities not collide with other entities collision wise. I know disable collision box is already a function but it doesn't work in this regard since you can still push those entities around. The entities in my mod are meant to be stationary at all times so having the ability to push them around anywhere is pretty annoying, not to mention knockback. So having the ability to make it so entities don't move at all would be amazing. If Im not clear on what Im trying to say just tell me and I will attempt to clarify. I really do want this option so I will do my best to try and get my thoughts across if you need me to rephrase.

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Issue comments

Alright, I already know of that button and use it currently I just wish there was a way for the player to not push around the entities since its fairly annoying. But maybe even an idea on how to do that would be nice. I really would do anything to make this work.