Ability to set Amount of Lakes a Custom Fluid can generate (I Found and tested the Code that controls this)

Published by mario2582 on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 19:49
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The following line of code below controls the amount of lakes generated for a custom fluid in mcreator. This code shows up in the code editor near the very end of the code for a custom fluid in mcreator. 

new LakesConfig(block.getDefaultState()), Placement.WATER_LAKE, new LakeChanceConfig(5)));

The number you set for new LakeChanceConfig(#) is how you control the generation amount. 

The lowest the number can go is 1, the highest amount seems to be infinite. 

The lower the number goes the MORE lakes minecraft will Generate of your custom fluid. The higher the number the less, i set it to 50000 for a test and it took me a full 3 hours to find a custom lake of my custom fluid, i set it to 1 and the lakes were EVERYWHERE!

Please add a feature to the custom fluid editor that would change the LakeChanceConfig(#) value and see if you can make it so it accepts boolean values with a decimal point so it can even go lower than 1. 

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