"Spawn Gem" Procedure Duplicates Amount of "Get copy of item from slot (X)"

Published by Conborg on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 23:16
Issue description

So I am making a 'Dropper' type of block for my mod. Therefore meaning I would like to take an item from the block's inventory and drop it on the ground in front of said block. However there has been a small issue of that when I activate the procedure of Spawning a Gem and get a "Copy of item" from the block's slot, example: slot 0. It gets the copy of the item from slot 0, and it drops that item, however it seems to drop it... but also the amount of that itemstack from that slot. So basically I want it to just drop ONE item, not drop and duplicate the amount in that stack when spawning it.

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Spawn Gem Procedure.23.36 KB 23.36 KB
Put 4 items in.14.33 KB 14.33 KB
Get 10 items out.218.52 KB 218.52 KB

Issue comments

Use local variable of type itemstack.

Set the var to "get itemstack copy from slot n"

Set itemstack size to 1 of this local var.

Spawn gem of this local variable itemstack instead.

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