Type a tag option when adding item to lists

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Issue description

It would be very nice if, when adding items and blocks to a list like "can be combined with" (while editing enchantments), "repair items" (for tools) and "limit stack input" (for GUIs), rather than choosing all items to add to the lists, we could have an option to write a tag instead.

This would be useful for:

  • Quivers that can hold any kind of arrow
  • New kind of tools types that share the same enchantments and can be supported by multiple mods
  • Saving up time
  • Better compatibility and integration between mods in general

Issue comments

Enchantment's don't support tags yet in MC.

For blocks, I do somehow plan this, but for the far future as to support combining tags and blocks in the same list, many things will have to be changed in MCreator to work.

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