Mobs that change texture or position/model

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Issue description

A feature that will take mcreator mobs to a next level. There should be a procedure or another thing that can change a mob texture/model. This feature will make mobs looking like vanilla mobs (a lot of mobs use that feature, for example:

  • Wolf or cat that sit and change texture when tamed
  • Ghast that open his mouth and eyes when shooting a fireball
  • Enderman open their mouth and shake when they are angry
  • Bee eyes become red when they are angry
  • Pufferfish that grow
  • Panda sit/play
  • Shulker hide themselve
  • Some illagers when they do their magic
  • Enderdragon open his mouth and breath purple fire
  • Fox sit and sleep
  • Guardian spikes get out
  • Creeper flash white
  • And their is more!!


Instead of custom animations, this is a most simple way to open to so much possibility. I know what the answer will be: you can just make a copy of the mob with another texture/model but you know that some things cant be done like that.

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