Gas is no longer lighter than air after updating

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Issue description

Before updating to 1.12.2, I had a fluid in a mod (they geyser's steam in Hodge-Podge III) which was supposed to escape the surface rather than being affected by gravity like water does.

However, after updating to 1.14.4, the fluid bucket is no longer inverted and the fluid behaves like a liquid.

The fluid is set to gas and the density is negative, just as the MCreator tooltip says (maybe the new forge versions updated density to be more realistic and not support negative values, but I'm not sure)

Issue comments

1.13.+ Forge does not support custom fluid dynamics yet so only recolored variants of water and lava (+ procedures) are supported atm.

Ah, ok. Means I will disable the fluid until forge supports it and create a new block for the while, thank you