Bug with the "undefined" word in the play sound prodecure

Published by Mayonnaise on Sun, 09/06/2020 - 02:29
Issue description

Hello there! I found an issue with the "Play at (x) (y) (z) level: (1) pitch: (1) sound: (example.entity.sound) procedure

When you select the said procedure, scroll down for sounds, and there's a rare chance of finding some sounds that instead of having their names like "example.entity.sound" being replaced by a word that says "undefined"

In very rare chances, all the sound's names just say "undefined"

There's a solution for that, You just need to remove the procedure and place the same procedure again

I'm writing this because it's annoying. I'm using MCreator 1.9.1


Regards best

- Mayonnaise 

Issue comments

It happen to me, i know its annoying to do that, but like you say, its realy rare (Happen 1/50 for me so,,,, sometime it does that 2-3 times in a row) but ye we have to live with that.