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About me

I am the main moderator on this website so feel free to contact me if you are experiencing any problems on the website.

I am the funder of Pylo and MCreator and am the lead developer of MCreator software and website.

If you would like to contact me directly, use the site contact form and write Klemen: at the beginning of the contact form subject so we can sort the mail.

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Comment Posted
Bug with teleportation to dimensions not working will be fixed in MCreator 1.9.0 37 minutes 1 second ago
You will need to provide more information than just that. Keep in mind 1.7.3 is… 1 hour 35 minutes ago
Are you sure the issue is in checking the advancements and not in other part of… 5 hours 20 minutes ago
You will need to update your map to 1.12.2. We most likely won't work on Minecra… 5 hours 24 minutes ago
Did it complete? 5 hours 26 minutes ago
If you did not switch workspace too many times, you might have workspace.mcreato… 5 hours 26 minutes ago
Please improve your mod picture. Make sure its color base is not white as this i… 5 hours 58 minutes ago
Please improve your mod picture. Make sure its color base is not white as this i… 5 hours 59 minutes ago
It can only work the way any other custom dimension works at the moment. 6 hours 1 minute ago
Although our feature list for 1.9.0 is complete, I have decided to squeeze this… 17 hours 37 minutes ago
If you don't make end condition that stops mining, it will mine indefinitely ind… 17 hours 53 minutes ago
The system we use does not support such thing as far as I know, but I will check… 17 hours 57 minutes ago
Please improve your mod picture. Make sure it does not contain hot bars and othe… 18 hours 3 minutes ago
You might need to make this folder writable too in order for MCreator to work. 23 hours 37 minutes ago
Enable hidden folders on your Mac. 23 hours 38 minutes ago
Try it in another workspace and then try to properly replicate the crafting tabl… 1 day 1 hour ago
Download example workspace linked in the description and build from there. The s… 1 day 1 hour ago
This means that your procedure that logs this needs dependency that the trigger… 1 day 2 hours ago
How do you make textures and what characters do you use in their names? 1 day 4 hours ago
Check these tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo1uPUzZ5oU&list=PLAe… 1 day 4 hours ago