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About me

I am Elastico345, I'm been here since the end of April of 2015. I've made 2 LEGO Related mods. One is Mixelcraft Mod and the other is Unikitty mod. Mixelcraft Mod However is discontinued because there's no more point of updating it after the show is finished since October 2016. But Unikitty Mod however is still ongoing since the show is stay strong and not going to be finished anytime soon. New episodes means new ideas for me so it's really great to add them into my mod to have players have experience what is it like to play with Unikitty stuff.

Other than that. I made heavily on Mobs (Models) and textures (Usually in 64x64 res instead in default which is 16x16.) Took me around 30 mins to hours to finish a single model which is great since I recorded that and post a time lapse video on YouTube.

Minecraft username
MixelCraft Mod 1.0.0 Release
1.11.2 Download count 437
MixelCraft Mod - Snapshot 130B9 (RETURNED)
MixelCraft Mod Series 1
1.10.2 Download count 121
MixelCraft Mod LITE Edition (DISCONTINUED)
Unikitty's Minecraft Adventure Mod
1.12.2 Download count 2,376
Unikitty's Minecraft adventure mod
Spixel's Mod Alpha 1.0.1
1.10.2 Download count 193
Spixel's Mod - Alpha 1.0.1
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Comment Posted
I only add something that is from the show. I dont think drills are in the show… 2 months ago
As long as you going to put credits that I made the mod, Yea sure go ahead :) Al… 10 months 1 week ago
I don't, I use Techne to make them 10 months 1 week ago
Really nice that my mod is in that video. I'm actually planning to make an… 1 year ago
Adding that hitboxes feature is one of the features I really need, But I hope fo… 1 year 2 months ago
Oh ok! Didn't know you guys going to add that feature in the next version of MCr… 1 year 3 months ago
I ask the question about the support for techne I forgot to ask if it's now… 1 year 4 months ago
Ores, weapons and tools from hardmode would be a cool feature for this mod espec… 1 year 4 months ago
Thx This is my 2nd mod that has been awarded as MOTW :D 1 year 6 months ago
Congrats for MOTW :D 1 year 10 months ago
any1 else have any ideas to make this one work? 1 year 10 months ago
Mind saying that code again? I'm gonna copy and paste that again on my notepad 1 year 10 months ago
yea i just realized that yesterday as well 1 year 10 months ago
yea I tried that but since it's based on that AI. The sound comes with it as wel… 1 year 10 months ago
congrats on ur mod of the week :D 1 year 10 months ago
was the 1.7.3 update for minecraft 1.7.10? 2 years 5 months ago
@#10 Yea it's no longer a beta version anymore. 2 years 6 months ago
@#3 Yea i forgot about this part of the mod. which i'm going to ask the sta… 2 years 7 months ago
@Klemen you should start working on the custom world type feature because thats… 2 years 9 months ago
thats amazing. i was expecting that you will never going to make an update for m… 3 years ago