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Hallo! I'm ArcaneMortis. Im a 24yo Aerospace Structural Technician from the southeast United States. I've been playing minecraft as a hobby since its initial pre-alpha web browser release, but only in the last year or so began giving minecraft modification a try while diving into Java and Lua coding language. I speak English and German fluently, and hope to attend the Munich Institute of Technology soon to major in Aviation Engineering.
However, I'm here for mCreator.
mCreator suits all my modification needs, as the only things I require in my game that other people haven't already made mods for are fairly simple. My mission in modding minecraft is to complete a Harry Potter themed build I and a few others have been toiling on since 2013. The map is mostly complete (A 22gb map made in WorldPainter from satellite imaging of Great Britain, A nearly complete Hogwarts/Hogsmeade, and a large recreation of London) and the last tasks now are special items, mobs, and blocks modded into the game for a custom launcher/modpack streamlined for VR use.
In doing all of my Harry Potter modding, I've gotten the hang of some of the trickier parts of mCreator without having to manipulate a lot of code, and I a;ways try to hang around the forums to help others figure it out too. The more people that understand and fully utilize mCreator, the better the community gets, and the better the program itself will get.

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Comment Posted
Every chunk has a biome. It cant have no biome per se. 3 years ago
Go to your mCreator folder, then user, then open preferences with notepad(++). C… 3 years ago
You have to use stacked events, and give the events different chance values.  3 years ago
It sounds like your textures/texture settings have not been properly applied/con… 3 years ago
It tells you the problem 20 times right there lol. You element names are incompa… 3 years ago
Your textures are broken, or not even loaded. 3 years ago
This is....odd o.O what version of mCreator are you using and on what OS, where… 3 years ago
@#5 This is a link to a .json animation tool, you just need to make "frames" of… 3 years ago
@#12 Boi get up out muh brain lol 3 years ago
That is not how that works lol. However, tinkering with code is an easy way to f… 3 years ago
Glad you figured it out! Would you mind editing your first post title to "cache.… 3 years ago
With mCreator the trial and error is half the learning experience ;P 3 years ago
Are your textures square multiples of 16? And just a heads up, mCreator does not… 3 years ago
yep, you just need to have a global event with a condition string. Make your con… 3 years ago
You might want some adblock+ my mane, mCreator is dowbloaded directly from the P… 3 years ago
You need to create a GUI element with slots linked to that blocks inventory. 3 years ago
First, don't bump man :/ this isn't that kind of forum and you literally just po… 3 years ago
@#5 This. Its photoshop when it comes to minecraft texturing lol 3 years ago
Hidden GUI maybe? Make it like some Yu-Gi-Oh exodia type logic. You have to coll… 3 years ago
You might want to go back through each of your mod elements, clicking "next" and… 3 years ago