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About me

Hi, I'm an Italian modder.

I really like Minecraft, it's my favorite game and I always wanted to add more features to it.

Here are my mods:

  • RaolCraft Omega
  • Modular Expansion
  • Pyromancy
  • Hodge-Podge III

RaolCraft is a mod that was remade a lot of times (by its name you can guess my creativity with names): at the beginning it was just meant to add a bunch of non-themed stuff, then it started to have a progression and a plot.

RaolCraft Omega, the last remake, is a mod about mining, exploring dimensions and using both magic and technology (not modern technology though) to beat the Dark Emperor, the evil boss who caused a long war. It also adds a lot of useful stuff.

If you want to play RaolCraft, you should use RaolCraft Omega. The earlier RaolCrafts are extremely bugged, crash a lot of times, are discontinued and they also aren't very good (they are unbalanced, have bad textures and random stuff. They are still here just for legacy purposes).

RaolCraft 2 was MOTW 2 times, RaolCraft 3 3 times and RaolCraft Omega once. RaolCraft 3 also was in Mcreator 2016 and 2017 recaps and RaolCraft Omega was in MCreator 2018 recap.

Hodge-Podge III is the remake of the original mod from Eonaut. Its goal is to enrich vanilla gameplay with many new adventures, usually by adding new dimensions, structures, mobs or biomes. It also adds many decorative blocks. Right now it is in early alpha and is very little, but the next update will add some new important mechanics as well as cross-compatibility with RaolCraft Omega!

Modular Expansion is a collection of little mods called "modules". These modules usually make the game easier, improve some aspects of vanilla (such as caves) or add some useful stuff. Some of the features added by these mods were planned to be added in RaolCraft Omega, but I decided to put them in a separate download to make the player able to choose which features to have.

Pyromancy is a magic mod inspired on Botania based around fire and the Nether. It allows you to create advanced farms by combining the power of Redstone and Red Mana. Right now it's very little, but new updates are coming soon!

1.12.2 Download count 1,219
RaolCraft Ω
1.5.1 image
1.12.2 Download count 131
Hodge-Podge III
1.12.2 Download count 190
Modular Expansion
1.12.2 Download count 308
Modular Expansion
Mod Trailer - 4.0 Snapshot 2
1.11.2 Download count 341
Raolcraft 3: Reborn of the Fusion
RaolCraft 2 Mod Trailer 3.1
1.10.2 Download count 438
The Big Mod (RaolCraft 2)
RaolCraft 1.1 Mod Trailer
1.9 Download count 186
0.2 - Base Essence Update
1.7.10 Download count 398
RaolCraft 4: 1.7.10 Edition
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