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About me

Hey guys!

I am a german Modder using MCreator, Techne, Mr.Crayfishs Model Creator, MCSkin3D, Audacity and Blender. My goal is, to add more things from the real life to our beloved game, Minecraft. Right now I am working at the Many Things+ Mod. Many Things+ is a huge project I want to do, which adds much more things to Minecraft, random and usefull stuff, with a lot of new dimensions and bosses. So stay tuned for changes on Twitter @TortousGER.



About me as a person:

I am from germany

I like football (soccer), Star Wars, playing Playstation and hearing KPop

My favourite color is blue, and my favourite animal is the tortoise or turtle

Current Mods:

-Many Things+ (in progress)

-The Jungle Quest - The Legend of the Katana (in progress)

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Comment Posted
Ahh well I might have a solution for you: 1. First of all set your mob type to m… 2 years 1 month ago
I had the same problem just set the AI base from (none) to Zombie or something.… 2 years 1 month ago
1. no 2. yep 3. that's currently not possible 4. I don't think so 2 years 1 month ago
I think you can only import .json and .obj 3 years ago
Sounds great, gonna check you out!  3 years ago
@#1 Hahaha ;D And no, I looked but there isn't one. 3 years ago
Maybe you deleted the texture of your mod elemt. So MCreator can't find the symb… 3 years ago
Techne can afford animated models. You need to do it with Techne, but you can't… 3 years ago
Umm, I guess you are a pretty noob, so you can't call this program, whatever you… 3 years ago
There is .obj and .json support for blocks and items. 3 years ago
Thanks! 3 years ago
So if you want to make a normal Minecraft-Like block, just use "Normal". If you… 3 years ago
@#4 Yes, but if you choose for another mob the AI base "Zombie" or "Witch" or wh… 3 years ago
I love the mod :D Congrats for mod of the week! 3 years ago
@#1 And if you want to save your stuff, just export it as mcr file and import it… 3 years ago
Can you please describe your problem a bit more? Your text is not really helpful… 3 years ago
@#2 I don't know why but the pictures were deleted in my post... (I ca't see the… 3 years ago
I tried it with MCEdit and its the only software, for the creation of .schematic… 3 years ago
@#1 Yep, I know Techne is easy, I do my mobs with it. I didn't know you could co… 3 years ago
@#3 I just tried it, and I can't import my mcr files from 1.7.1 into 1.7.2... Th… 3 years 1 month ago