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Welcome to my account.


My name is Awesomex_Gaming / Cactus_Awex. I know my username looks like a python variable, but they aren't, alright? I've recently took a very long break from the community but I'm back to making mods! I've made a couple mods in the past, the most infamous being The Infinity Mod and of course, OreMobs (Press F to Pay Respects!)


MOD INFORMATION AS OF 19th August 2018:

Infinity Mod: Discontinued

OreMobs: Discontinued

That material mod I can't remember the name of: Discontinued


Yeah, pretty much all my Mods are discontinued due to a nine month break and y'know... Installing a new OS... Twice...



Honestly, I don't know. I'm currently brain storming ideas. Some intresting ideas are a piano mod, a science mod and a power mod. I may also be remaking a mod I don't know, if I do remake a mod it would probably be either the infinity mod or OreMobs but with more content, a remastered version, per say.





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Precious Stones And Minerals
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Precious Stones And Minerals
Minecraft Infinity Edition
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Minecraft Infinity Edition
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