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Hello to everyone , it's me SpaceMiners_444...since my previous account was full of bad mod...i decided to do a new account , where i will try to make good modifications...


so...i wanna tell you again something of me : first of all , i'm i will maybe write no-sense phrases...

i really love MCreator for his simplicity...It's very easy to use and i really like doing mods with it...

i haven't got alot of creativity...but when i know what to do...i know what to do xD

i am pretty good at making mods...because i try various ways to arrive to all my objective...


Now i'm working on an exploration type mod , with alot of mobs and new items such as armor , tools , blocks and maybe ores...


i think i said everything so...see you next time , little starts (space = stars :D no seriously , this should be my phrase , like every youtuber has a phrase that use in every beginning of videos...)

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