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by BlaBlaSillySheep
Mon, 01/08/2018 - 14:03
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Cool congrats for MOTW 11 months ago
also you need to fix some textures for the armour its black and pink like the… 11 months ago
its a good mod (ok i might of expected more) but it is pretty cool :D 11 months ago
OMG I FIXED IT. Basically my minecraft 1.12.2 forge doesnt support files so it h… 11 months ago
i have thought about it but i would like to help you make your mod (i cant do mo… 11 months ago
can you realease the mod as a .jar and a file cause, i have it as some files als… 11 months ago
i have tried doing that in the video but it still crashes. unless you want me to… 11 months ago
i have tried 1.12.2-forge1.12.2- should i try getting rid of all my… 11 months ago
what do you mean vannila 1.12.2? 11 months ago
also when i install 1.12.2 forge do i need mercrius? 11 months ago
im downloading forge from here 11 months ago
so which one do i use? 11 months ago
im using "1.12.2-forge1.12.2-" to launch your mod is this… 11 months ago
thank you for trying to help i appreiciate it 11 months ago
hp laptop 11 months ago
windows 10 .64 bit. 11 months ago
Congrats On MOTW it must be a great mod (that i cant play):( 11 months ago
Wow i havnt seen the mod but the textures look unbelievable and it looks really… 11 months ago
Ive tried everything to play this mod and it will still crash are there any othe… 11 months ago
i dont know why but i downloaded the mod and when i tried the mod it crashed ins… 11 months ago