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Maharvey's: We Have The Memes! -Maharvey's

This is maharvey's official account to make stunning, beautiful Minecraft memes! -Maharvey's Biggest Fan

Don't get salted... -TheExperienced_M

Y'all had better duck, cause Imma 'bout to turn left and I don't wanna smack you with my dick! -Brian25635

Meme. Meme. Meme. Meme. Maharvey's: We Have The Memes! -Maharvey's Spokesperson

Dabbin' on dem haters, Dabbin' on dem haters. -Maharvey's Memes

Blue is the ONLY Christmas Color!!! -Maharvey's cadet

We want you, to meme on everyone! -Maharvey's postsecondary side agent Chuck Norris

*Staring at all of maharvey's memes* -Maharvey's General Jiren

Here, have a Wish Sandwich. It's two pieces of bread that you wish you had something in the middle of... -Brian25635

Meme Souls 3. You won't last 5 minutes playing this game. -Everyone here at Maharvey's

What are these, Haters, you speak of? -A Wise Memester at Maharvey's

I am going to meme on you so hard your meme's memes are going to bleed memes out of their meme holes while I continue to meme on them with memes exploding out of their minds which also have baby memes exploding into more baby memes that all rise up to take over the memeiverse. -Maharvey

When a duck swims up the water, you only see it glide. Apparently, effortlessly across the lake, but underneath, as in beneath the surface, it's a whole different story. Its legs are moving as if it's pedaling a fucking bicycle up a mountain. Well, that's me right now, I am that duck! -Dr. Monty

The moment you think your friend is normal, but NO!!! -Maharvey's key quoters Elmo, 9/11 and Hitler

I watched the city burn, these dreams like ashes slowly float away, your voice I never heard. Only Silence. Where were you when our hearts were bleeding? Where were you? It all crashed down! Never thought that you'd deceive me. Where are you now?                          -One of Maharvey's favorite bands RED