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One thing you can't watch the video of the contest if you are in Germany 3 years 10 months ago
I Think you have put it into the wrong place but I don't know where it has to be… 3 years 11 months ago
You need to edit the code for that. There should be something like .setCreativeT… 3 years 11 months ago
C:\Pylo That should be the default instalation place 3 years 11 months ago
Thats simple you haven't renamed all parts of your 3D model. You are not allowed… 4 years ago
Its not MCreators fault that it need an Internet connection. Forge need the conn… 4 years ago
No Problem but I still need the code... I can't do it with the Item Code 4 years ago
@#2.1 It is possible why do you think has MCreator a possibility to edit the Cod… 4 years ago
There is weekly a mod of the week contest o.O 4 years ago
There is a easyier way Spiting it into different Methods.... The problem is I ca… 4 years ago
It is possible but its hard MCreator can create Living Entity's and Minecarts ar… 4 years ago
1. Create a World and Allow Cheats 2. Give you OP on a server 4 years ago
There should be enough Custom Code tutorials for that....... And If I am right t… 4 years ago
You can't use some Mod parts on Servers currently hopefully it will be fixed in… 4 years ago
After I am back home here is a List of stuff that has Multiplayer Problems: (Fro… 4 years ago
MCreator is compatible with the Multiplayer mode but there are some bugy Mods pa… 4 years ago
Thats not possible in Normal Minecraft you would need to create a new Furnace An… 4 years ago
If MCskin3d doesn't work export the Texture in Techne than load the texture in T… 4 years ago
I am not sure but there should be somewhere an export to MCR button you can than… 4 years ago
If you use Paint Just change to Gimp or an other picture editing software Then s… 4 years ago