How to Make an Ore Pack


Before you start

You will need to make a texture either by an editing program such as or with the programs built-in program. Learn more on this here: Making new texture

Name and material

  • Go to the workspace.
  • Click on "Create new element"
  • Click Block
  • Type the name of your block. Names must not be repeated! The end-user will not see this name, so name it something that you can identify.
  • Next click the blue square, and choose your ore texture.
  • Click next.

Physical characteristics

Here you will have a number of options to chose from.

  • Basic properties
    • Name In GUI: This is the shown name of the block or item when you hover over it in any GUI in Minecraft.
    • Hardness: This is how long it takes to mine the block.
    • Resistance: This is how the block reacts to explosions.
    • Has Gravity: Check this if you want the block to act like sand or gravel, it will fall if not on the ground.
    • Creative Tab: This is where your block will be in creative mode.
  • Advanced properties
    • Can walk through block: Check this if you want to walk through the block.
    • Can provide power: Check this if you want the block to act as a redstone block.
    • Light opacity: This property makes the block allow light through it or not, 0 will not allow any light through, 126 makes it semi-transparent and 255 will allow all light through.
    • Material: Select the material of the block. It isn't really important what to choose, but if you select water material, farmland will become wet if it's near it, if you select wood, you can smelt your block in the furnace, selecting lava means that you can get empty buckets full of lava by clicking on your block. here is some more info about materials.
  • Dropping properties
    • Tool able to destroy it: This is what tool you want to mine the block, Example: set to and axe to mine wood.
    • Doesn't drop itself: Check this if you want the block to drop something other then the block you are mining. take note that you will need an item or block before you check this so it can drop it.
    • Block that drops: This will become active when you check Doesn't drop itself. You can select your item or block you want to drop here.
    • Drop amount: This is how much it drops when mined.
  • Light, sound, and hardness
    • Sound on step: This is the sound that your block makes when you walk on it.
    • Luminance: This is how much light the block gives off.
    • Is unbreakable: Check this if you want it to act like bedrock.
    • Harvest Level to break: This is the tier of tool required to break the block. 0 is hand/wood, 1 is stone, 2 is iron and 3 is diamond. Only the tier of tool you specify will be able to break your block you can also make custom harvest levels.
  • Spread Particle Effects - check this box if you want to add particles.
    • Particle type: This is what the particles look like. like bubbles or hearts when breeding.
    • Particle spawning shape: This is the shape of how the particles spawn.
    • Particle spawning radius: This how far the particles travel from your block.
    • Particle amount: This is how many spawn at one time.
  • Click next


  • See this post to introduce you to events.
  • Click next

Recipe and smelting

  • Click on World Generation button.
    • Level Move the blue and red dot up and down to adjust the level where your ore will spawn.
      • The Blue dot is the Lowest it will spawn (Make sure that it is on the bottom).
      • The Red dot is the Highest it will spawn (Make sure that it is on the top).
    • World Generation Pick what worlds the ore spawns in.
      • Spawn In World This needs to be checked if you want your block to spawn in the Overworld.
      • Spawn In Nether This needs to be checked if you want your block to spawn in the Nether.
      • Spawn In Custom Dimension Pick the custom dimension you want the ore to generate in.
      • Blocks This Ore Can Replace Choose what blocks you want the ore to replace defaults to stone.
    • Chunk Generation Adjust how common the ore can be found.
      • Frequency On Chunks is how rare it will spawn on each chunk. Note: having the dot Left will be more common.
      • Frequency On Specific Chunk is how much will spawn in a vein of ore. Note: having the dot to the Left will make the vein have more of the ore.

Making a custom ore drop

Making a New Ore Drop is the same as making a new item. Just click here!

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in a video:

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