MCreator 2 roadmap

On this page, you can find the roadmap for the MCreator 2

MCreator is a big success in Minecraft's modding community. During the last 5 years of its existence, there have been many changes that changed the way you use Minecraft and modify it to your ideas and inspirations. And now it's time for another big change.

On this page, we will post updates on the progress of idea planning and development of MCreator 2. We have also created a forum topic for user discussion on which your voice can be heard. Check the timeline below to see our current plans for MCreator 2 roadmap. Keep in mind that this page is only informative and is subject to change and that MCreator 2 is only an idea for now for a long-term evolution of MCreator mod maker. There is no release date yet, but it is planned that first releases will be available in the last months of 2018.

  • Start plans for MCreator 2

    Create forum topic for user's suggestions and landing page for MCreator 2.

  • Changes to MCreator backend - stage 1

    • User preferences will be stored in user directory and will be version independent
    • Performance improvements for big workspaces
    • Improved cross-platform support
    • Improvements to element storage
    • Improved and plug-in supported event system with editable events
    • Events as a separate mod element
    • Improvements to code generation system with better generator system
    • Improvements to mapping of Minecraft elements
    • Separation of the mod design and most of the code generation logic

    These changes were backported to MCreator 1.8.x

  • Changes to MCreator backend - stage 2

    • Comlete separation of the mod design and code generation logic
    • Fixed workspace and mod names defined at the workspace creation
    • Workspaces won't be stored inside installation directory but inside any folder selected by the user
    • New improved workspace format
    • MCreator will install in Program Files
    • More IDE-like oriented user interface

    These changes were backported to MCreator 1.9.x

    Check the changelog for the detailed progress of this stage

  • UI improvements

    We plan to make a lot of changes to the UI of MCreator to ease mod creation and to make it more clear and systematic. We will add support for a maximized screen of MCreator for all tabs and wizards. The whole UI will be more IDE like.

    These changes were backported to MCreator 1.9.x

  • Multiple Minecraft versions support

    After workspaces are separated into folders and we separate code generation system from mod creation, we will implement a system to switch between Minecraft versions of the workspace on the fly. At this point, we will start adding support for multiple versions of Minecraft in single MCreator version.

    Added in MCreator 2019.5

  • New features

    After we make a good foundation in the backend for MCreator 2, new features will be added based on user suggestions, with these features being requested the most having bigger priority.