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Trending modifications

Vulture Wings held in offhand slot.
1.12.2 Download count 18,147
DFHeroes Weapons Mod
1.12.2 Download count 1,796
RaolCraft Ω
supermj's Gun Mod
1.12.2 Download count 1,168
supermj's 3D Gun Mod (SGM)
1.12.2 Download count 1,030
Plants Vs Zombies
1.14.4 Download count 850
Better Swamplands Mod
All Items
1.14.4 Download count 719
Roleplay Essentials Mod
1.8 Download count 619
Many Boss Mod(1.8)
1.10.2 Download count 612
Geologicraft - The Wonders of Underground
Persona 4 "TV World" Lobby
1.10.2 Download count 611
Persona 4 Mod
Ancient Engineering Banner
1.12.2 Download count 559
Ancient Engineering
Splash ART
1.10.2 Download count 558
Eighty-Five Percent RPG Mod
Update 2.1.0
1.12.2 Download count 519
Elemental Masters
Troll Craft!
1.12.2 Download count 484
Troll Craft
Hodge-Podge III
1.12.2 Download count 471
Hodge-Podge III
Generators mod
1.7.10 Download count 454
Generators mod
1.12.2 Download count 445
Roosters Mod

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Forum topic Last update Replies
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Ideas for 2020.2+ Thu, 02/27/2020 - 15:35 5
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New and updated modifications

Main Logo
1.12.2 Download count 24
Applied Alchemy
A Star Wars mod to compliment vanilla
1.14.4 Download count 8
Imagine SW - a Star Wars mod for vanilla
1.12.2 Download count 0
cheat mod
Red Desert
1.14.4 Download count 0
All Types of Ores,Crystals and Blocks
1.12.2 Download count 30
Two Classic Flowers (Mini)Mod 1.12.2, 1.14.4
1.14.4 Download count 4
Two Classic Flowers (Mini)Mod
Chile Mod 1.12.2, 1.14.4
1.14.4 Download count 19
Chile Mod
MC Enhanced 0.1 (Emerald Update)
1.14.4 Download count 3
MC Enhanced
Title: Blah Resurrected
1.12.2 Download count 13
Blah (Resurrected)
Snatcher has a new Death Wish for you! Visit him in the Roofed Forest.
1.12.2 Download count 3
A Craftin' Time
The Glowing Dimensions
1.12.2 Download count 4
The Glowing Dimensions
Rath Inbound
1.12.2 Download count 70
The Inf Mod Core is the core of many Inf Mod Packs. If you want to see some Inf Mod Packs then have a look at my profile.
1.12.2 Download count 37
Inf Mod Core
The all armor and ores of the mod.
1.14.4 Download count 8
1.12.2 Download count 6
Super Minecraft Blocks
1.12.2 Download count 15
Super Minecraft Mod (Escavation Addition)
The random fifteen ores mod (Will probably get updated this weekend)
1.14.4 Download count 6
The random fifteen ores mod
Version 0.0.2 Wasteland Dimension
1.12.2 Download count 62
Overloaded Ores Mod (MrCreeps) (Abandoned)
Emerald, Nether Star, Dragon, and Darkness Swords
1.12.2 Download count 19
Ultra Weapons Mod (MrCreeps) (Abandoned [for now])
1.14.4 Download count 16
new menu
1.14.4 Download count 3
new menu
Over mod,Etheral,HELL UPDATE
1.12.2 Download count 8
Your ore plantation will look something like this
1.12.2 Download count 7
Ore Seeds Mod
1.12.2 Download count 12
Imperial Ores Mod: Pre-Alpha

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