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Mod requires Geckolib

Welcome to the Underground Sans Mod (That some may call UT Universe III)! This is my 3rd attempt on making Undertale in Minecraft, but this time i'm actually publishing the progress.
So, what's this mod about? It's about fighting dosens of bosses that are related to Undertale in some way or another. And despite the name of the mod, it's not going to be only about fighting Sanses, It's just a joke (also maybe i will have to rename the mod later, i'm not sure).

Right now there's 6 finished bosses - Undertale Sans (Pacifist, Neutral, Genocide, Fraudulent timeline), Promised!Sans and Murder!Sans



At the very start, when you first spawn, you get 4 new starting items:

  • Handbook - can be used to get more information about mod and how to start completing well uh... The mod.
  • Credits book - contains all authors nicknames which work has been used in some way (AU, idea, soundtrack, etc.)
  • Broken Heart Locket - is the most important item in the mod, because it's used to open Chara's shop - first shop (and the last for now) in the mod, Chara trades Gold for XP levels, early-game items, and Undertale Sans Badge (Pacifist route) - the first badge. Badge is used to summon the boss.
  • Bandage - first mod armor, gives small regeneration effect when player takes damage. Can be eaten to instantly regenerate +5 HP

First of all, you need to get some XP levels to trade them for Gold, you would need at least 30 or 35 Gold to buy badge and optionally Stick.


Right now Chara's shop is very undeveloped and has only the basic stuff in it.


Can be traded for 5 gold, deals 0 dmg and swings like a sword, has 150 durability. With 25% chance can debuff attacked enemy (add slowness or weakness effects), and recover 1-2 durability. On RMB regenerates 1-2 HP, recovers 1-3 durability.

Pacifist Sans

The first and easiest (maybe) boss in the mod is this poor guy named Sans (Undertale: Pacifist route). He doesn't have Karmic Retribution effect, that all other bosses have and deals 1 dmg/tick. Has 22 dodges and 20 HP.

Like any other boss that dodges attacks, he has I-frames between dodges, for him it's 1 second of I-frames per dodge.

Pacifist has 2 attacks:

  1. Bone Zones: Summons 5 bone zones in radius of 10 blocks.
  2. Bone Rise: Summons 9 bones that move to 4 random directions or don't move completely (It's a bug, but i just got used to it and kinda liked it in the end).

After his death you can upgrade his badge to Neutral route, how do you do that? Read more words here idk.


One of the three functional blocks in the mod (ironically Upgrader is the only functional block that works for now) that is used to upgrade items, tools, armor, weapons, badges for a certain amount of XP levels. Right now it has 3 upgrades:

  • Pacifist to Neutral (3 XP levels)
  • Neutral to Genocide (6 XP levels)
  • Genocide to Fraudulent Timeline (idk, guess)
  • Pre-murder (12 XP levels)
  • Murder (19 XP levels)


For now all you have to do is constantly beat stronger bosses, upgrade badges, get stronger gear (from event gifts) and uhh thats all for now.

I'm planning to finally make some more major progress stuff in "gameplay" in future updates. For example: Sans' shop & End-game shop, RESET button.

Other stuff

Level of Violence

One of the most important features in Sans Mod is the LOVE mechanic. What does this do? Level of Violence increases some basic stats of the player with each level (Max HP, Armor, Attack Damage and Speed), I also wanted to add movement and swim boost but it was kinda broken.

Karmic Retribution & Blue Soul

Karmic Retribution (KR) - is a special type of poison effect that deals certain amount of damage each tick. Amount of damage is based on the level of KR.

Blue Soul - slows down the player, but gives small jump boost.


Is a special food that is unobtainable right now, gives random effect when eaten for a random period of time and with random level. Will be used to trade with Pacifist Sans in the future (maybe).

Monstercrafter & Fuser

2 functional blocks, that are WIP right now. Monstercrafter is used to craft unique monster badges, souls, weapons and items. Fuser is used to fuse 2 items to 1 more valuable item.


Well now it's actually all for now, mostly. OH and by the way, if you will see a bug or glitch, it would be nice if you'll let me know.

Planned features in the next update

  • Something New (Prologue and =)) bosses
  • Even more weapons, armor
  • More Undertale food
Modification files
sans mod. 1.3.0.jar - Newest versionUploaded on: 02/10/2024 - 15:03   File size: 4.32 MB
sans mod. 1.2.1_0.jar - Heres old version so you could forget about 1.3.0 (because i dont like it)Uploaded on: 02/10/2024 - 15:04   File size: 4.19 MB


  • Added bosses: Pre-murder, Murder (now somewhat functional, 2 phases)
  • Added attacks: Bonemerang, Secret Bone, Murder Blaster, Murder Bone Zone, Traps
  • Added advancements: Just Getting Started, The Endgoal, The Ongoing Wrath
  • Added 2 upgrades for: Pre-murder (12 LV), Murder (19 LV)
  • The update was planned to be way more bigger but meh
  • Wait for everything else in 1.4.0 ig ;-;



  • Bugfix: Wrong Fried Egg's texture
  • Added Dusttale Prologue badge



  • Added Undertale: promised. Sans as secret remodel for Neutral Route Sans
  • Added armor: Cloudy Glasses, Stained Apron
  • Added weapons: Torn Notebook, Burnt Pan
  • Added food: Spider Donut, Spider Cider, Butterscotch Pie
  • Added item: Soul Shards
  • Added "Break a Promise" advancement
  • Added Invincibility effect
  • Nerfed Monster Candy's heal from 10 to 7.5 HP
  • Nerfed Frost Knife's damage from 22 to 20
  • Nerfed Wanderer's defence from 33 to 11
  • Buffed Wanderer's hitbox in height from 0,6 to 1,6
  • Buffed Candy Cane's heal from 7.5 to 10 HP
  • Now Spider Donut, Spider Cider, Cloudy Glasses and Torn Notebook can drop from Gift Box
  • Now Butterscotch Pie, Burnt Pan and Stained Apron can drop from Vengeful Box
  • Dodge system is a bit changed



  • Added Candy Cane as possible drop from Gift box
  • Removed some spawn eggs of Nivibris' attacks from creative tab
  • Buffed FR of: Blizzard Bone from 3 to 3.5/tick; Frost Blaster from 4 to 5.5/tick; Blizz. Bone Zone from 3 to 4/tick;  Ice Spike from 3 to 5/tick;  F.Blaster Rush from 5 to 6/tick;  Blizzarity Blaster from 5 to 7/tick



  • Added food: Candy Cane
  • Added to food description how much does it regenerate HP when consumed
  • Fixed shop output items not dropping when gui is closed
  • Fixed shop output items stacking on each other



  • Remade Chara's and Nivibris' shop purchase mechanics because i'm an idiot that can't make procedures properly
  • Increased Wanderer's spawn weight from 15 to 20
  • Nivibris now disappears after final cutscene
  • Nivibris' Shop Ticket now opens its respective shop
  • Frost Knife and Frost Locket now can be bought in Nivibris' Shop
  • Changed Just A Dirty Hacker advancement icon from Genocide Sans to Fraudulent
  • Added advancement: A Deal With The Devil
  • Changed mod's logo to more winter themed one



  • Actually made Nivibris' badge recipe craftable this time. I hope...
  • Bug: Nvm literally every shop/functional block procedure is dupable. Will be fixed when i wake up bye



  • Bugfix: Ice Candy cannon be eaten
  • Bugfix: Nivibris' badge can be duped through Fuser
  • Changed Wanderer's passive effect  from Levitation to Slow Falling



  • Added bosses: Nivibris (2 phases), Murder!Sans (WIP, 2 phases)
  • Added badge for: Nivibris
  • Added attacks: Blizzard Bone, Blizzard Bone Zone, Frost Blaster, Winter's Strike, Frost Blaster Rush, Ice Spike (From Frost Revolt xd), Cryothunder, Blizzarity Blaster, Frost Slash (WIP)
  • Added items: Gift box, Vengeful Box
  • Added food: Monster Candy (Red, green, blue, yellow, purple types), Ice Candy
  • Added weapons: Toy Knife, Tough Glove, Frost Knife
  • Added armor: Faded Ribbon, Mandanna, Frost Locket
  • Added advancement: Devils of The Night
  • Added Fate's Retaliation effect
  • Nerfed Stick's damage from 4 to 0
  • Nerfed Sticks RMB ability Player heal from 2-4 HP to 1-2 HP
  • Tried to make Nivibris beatable multiple times (Still WIP)
  • Fixed LV buffs resetting upon player's death
  • Buffed festive mood
  • Nerfed Herobrine's IQ


  • Added bosses: Undertale Sans Pacifist, Neutral, Genocide routes and Undertale: Fraudulent Timeline
  • Added dodge mechanic
  • Added LV mechanic
  • Added Bone Zone, Bone Rise, Bone Spin, Bone Traps, Gaster Blaster attacks
  • Added Karmic Retribution and Blue Soul effects
  • Added food: Ketchup and Limited Ketchup
  • Added armor: Bandage 
  • Added weapon: Stick
  • Added items: Handbook, Credits book, Souls (Unobtainable except for Monster soul right now), Gold 
  • Added badges for: Undertale Sans (All routes), Undertale: Fraudulent Timeline, Dusttale Murder, Undertale: Something New (Prologue and =)), Possession
  • Added advancements: Here We Go, Just Kidding Around Kid, Two Minute Break, Never Were Friends, Just a Dirty Hacker, Make a Deal, Here We Go Again, U Got Away
  • Added Herobrine

The mod is 🔥 but there are few bugs.Pacifist, neutral and genocide sans textures are bugged and when i click on monstercrafter my game crashes.

damn it. i forgot to add the official soundtracks for Nivibris bossfight. I will make the event more acceptable later