MCreator 2020.3 (future release)

  • Added base support for Minecraft Forge 1.15.2 - 31.1.35
  • Added 1.15.2 support for mod elements: creative tab, advancement, function, loot table, fuel, tag, recipe, command, key binding, item, food, fluid, armor, potion, overlay, structure spawn, tool, plant, biome, ranged item, dimension, living entity, procedures, GUI, block

MCreator 2020.2


  • [Bugfix #58788] Local variables could not be used with some procedure blocks
  • [Bugfix] Itemstack management procedure blocks did not work in most cases
  • [Bugfix] Console could print some lines twice


  • [Bugfix] Set item in slot procedure blocks ignored amount if a non-constant item was used
  • [Bugfix, 1.12.2] Global variables did not save with the world data


  • [Bugfix #58588, 1.12.2] Boss mobs had gravity disabled in some cases
  • [Bugfix #58509] There were some issues with flying mobs
  • [Bugfix #58595] Author list always included MCreator


  • [Bugfix] New workspaces failed to build after the first mod element was added
  • [Bugfix] Adding new custom dimension caused build errors
  • [Bugfix] Workspace import failed in some rare cases
  • [Bugfix] Console search did not work
  • [Bugfix] Console printing was delayed in some cases
  • [Bugfix #58416] Block particles did not generate in the block center
  • [Bugfix #53289] Flying mobs did not attack even if specified so
  • [Bugfix #53289] Flying mobs did not rotate
  • [Bugfix #57796] "Get smelting result of item" procedure block did not copy the item stack
  • [Bugfix #58370, 1.12.2] Dimension switch procedure did not work with custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix #58323, 1.14.4] Light opacity did not work properly

EAP 2020.2.12518

  • Added text type NBT tag procedure blocks
  • Added get entity pitch rotation procedure block
  • [#44302] One can now specify recipes to unlock when a custom advancement is completed
  • [#51689] Added set item in main/off hand procedure block
  • [#53272] Improved flammability parameters of custom blocks and plants
  • [#52851] Added reaction to pushing parameter to custom blocks
  • [#57194] Added slipperiness parameter to custom blocks
  • [#54672] Added "is block ladder" parameter to custom blocks
  • [#56053] Added custom recipe group parameter
  • [#53089] Added set item in armor slot procedure block
  • [#47932] Added get harvest level of item procedure block
  • [#54433] Added damage type parameter to damage entity procedure block
  • [#55657] Added set entity velocity and set entity rotation procedure blocks

EAP 2020.2.11618

  • Added support for plugins that can add new procedure blocks, generators, AI tasks and more
  • Added simulate block right-click procedure
  • MCreator now generates code separated in proper java packages
  • Generated code no longer contains MCreator branding prefix
  • Mod package name and credits text can now be changed
  • Improved general performance of both UI and generator system
  • [#51048, 1.14.4] Added new recipe types: blasting, smoking, campfire cooking, stone cutting
  • [#57157] Added option to select frequency per chunk for structure spawn
  • [#57355] Custom files in mod assets folder are now preserved
  • [Bugfix] Player ability procedure blocks (flying, building, ...) did not work properly
  • [Bugfix #57023] Custom overlay images covered hot-bar and other UI elements
  • [Bugfix #57699] Custom music discs did not work with custom sounds
  • [Bugfix #57695] Custom GUIs without slots crashed the game when opened
  • [Bugfix #57684] Block NBT tags did not work properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix #57636, 1.14.4] Custom fluid physics did not work
  • [Bugfix #57796, 1.14.4] Get smelting result procedure block did not work properly
  • [Bugfix #57854, 1.14.4] Command parameters did not work

EAP 2020.2.09617

  • Added support for data packs for 1.15.x
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.2.3
  • Updated some procedure templates
  • Duplicate mod element now duplicates the code if the mod element has code locked
  • Improved UI performance and responsiveness with big workspaces
  • Added option to make custom blocks tick randomly based on the global tick rate
  • Added option to display custom entity and block NBT tags on GUIs and overlays
  • Custom block NBT tags are now properly synced between clients
  • Added replace block (and optionally keep state, inventory, and NBT) procedure block
  • Blocks are now bound to a custom GUI instead of GUIs being bound to blocks
  • Added option to enable the block to open GUI when right-clicked without procedures
  • Simplified GUI creation and made it more intuitive
  • GUIs can now have functional slots without having to be bound to a block
  • [1.14.4] Added full support for OBJ models
  • [#53951] Added new block bases: leaves, slabs, trap doors
  • [#47657] Added new mod element type: music disc
  • [#53884] Added format number to text procedure block
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Fluid buckets did not render properly
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] MCreator could start lagging when Minecraft was launched for a few times
  • [Bugfix #56833] Key bindings were triggering even with GUIs open
  • [Bugfix #56988] Custom code mod elements did not properly import
  • [Bugfix #56984] Opening older workspaces failed in some cases
  • [Bugfix #56944] Build could fail on computers with Turkish locale
  • [Bugfix #56831] Attack speed parameter did not work properly for custom hoe tools
  • [Bugfix #56835] One could not use less than and greater than characters in GUI labels
  • [Bugfix] GUI slot management procedures did not work properly
  • [Bugfix] Remote workspace could stop working in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

MCreator 2020.1


  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.117
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] "Does item stay in crafting grid" option did not work
  • [Bugfix #56587] Some procedure blocks did not work with local variables
  • [Bugfix #56618, 1.14.4] Custom dimension portal igniter worked on any block


  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Custom dimension portals did not work
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Data pack pack_format was set to 1 instead of 4
  • [Bugfix #56503] Vanilla advancement triggers did not work with custom blocks and items
  • [Bugfix #56505, 1.14.4] Advancement name and descriptions did not work in data packs
  • [Bugfix #56537, 1.14.4] Comparator item was mapped to a composter
  • [Bugfix #56537, 1.12.2] Ore dictionary names were lowercased


  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.116
  • Some minor UI style and usability improvements
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Get light level procedure block did not work properly

EAP 2020.1.04218

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 8u232
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.115
  • MCreator now tries to repair corrupted workspaces from backups
  • GUI procedure triggers now trigger on both server and client-side
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "Directory in which you are trying to make a workspace does not exist" error on fresh installations
  • [Bugfix] Update notifications did not work properly with snapshots
  • [Bugfix] Block previews in workspace did not have textures placed properly
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Execute command procedure entity block did not work in worlds with cheats disabled
  • [Bugfix #55617] Custom log blocks did not properly rotate in structures
  • [Bugfix #53737] Bounding box of blocks with log rotation did not properly rotate
  • [Bugfix #56234, 1.14.4] Global map and world variables did not save
  • [Bugfix #56206, 1.14.4] Execute command procedure block displayed command output
  • [Bugfix #56209] Keyboard shortcuts were inconsistent on macOS

EAP 2020.1.03712

  • Added support for data packs for 1.14.x
  • Added data pack elements to 1.14.x data pack generator: recipe, advancement, loot table, function, tag
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.114
  • [1.14.4] Added support for functions (command sets)
  • [1.14.4] Added support for function tagging
  • Added "run function" procedure block
  • Added support to open JSON and other data files from Gradle sources in the code editor
  • Any advancement can now be triggered by procedures (existing procedure blocks need to have advancements re-selected)
  • Added option to select vanilla advancement triggers in the advancement maker
  • When adding or removing mod elements MCreator now only builds if needed
  • [#55473] Added new advancement options for display and rewards
  • [#56137] Added procedure blocks to control and read scoreboard scores
  • [Bugfix #55972, 1.14.4] Loot tables don't work with custom block drops
  • [Bugfix #55997, 1.12.2] Loot table JSON files could get deleted from workspace randomly

EAP 2020.1.01513

  • Added support for Git (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, ...) shared online workspaces with version history
  • Added option to jump (revert to) between checkpoints/commits in the history of online workspace
  • Added option to merge changes if multiple users work on the same shared workspace at the same time
  • Added quick tools: material pack, armor pack, ore pack, and tool pack makers
  • Added "Get numerical dimension ID" procedure block
  • Added option to select current mod as tag namespace
  • Custom recipes can now select the namespace and therefore override vanilla recipes
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.111
  • Marked Minecraft 1.14.4 generator as LTS and 1.12.2 as a legacy version
  • [#46058] Added support for loot tables
  • [#55415] Added option to set custom living entity tracking range
  • [#53995] Added on structure generated procedure trigger
  • [#55870] Added schedule tick update procedure block
  • [Bugfix #55543] Melee damage was offset from the set value in-game
  • [Bugfix #55531, 1.12.2] Biomes with empty mob spawn list spawned default vanilla mobs
  • [Bugfix #55960, 1.12.2] "Get item from armor slot" procedure block crashed multiplayer clients
  • [Bugfix #55608, 1.14.4] Big tree option in custom biomes spawned wrong trees
  • [Bugfix #55871, 1.14.4] Numpad key bindings caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #55567, 1.14.4] Dirt blocks did not generate under grass blocks and underwater in custom biomes
  • [Bugfix #55567, 1.14.4] Caves did not generate in custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix] "Delete texture" button did not delete animation .mcmeta file it was present
  • [Bugfix] Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

MCreator 2019.5


  • [Bugfix #55455, 1.14.4] Dimension switching did not work in exported mods


  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.106
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Custom root advancements had broken background image
  • [Bugfix #55335] Tag names could not contain underscore character
  • [Bugfix #55351] Custom tool attack speed parameter was offset for negative 4
  • [Bugfix #55376, 1.14.4] Close any open GUI procedure block did not work properly
  • [Bugfix #55421, 1.14.4] Place structure procedure block crashed the game
  • [Bugfix #55430, 1.14.4] On initial entity spawn trigger could crash world generation process
  • [Bugfix #55433, 1.14.4] Custom trees could spawn floating in the air

EAP 2019.5.49119

  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.104
  • Font size in code editor can now be changed by Ctrl + scrolling
  • [#55136] Key binding trigger now triggers on both server and client-side
  • [#55245] Added option to change default code editor font size
  • [#54927] Added "Entity spawns" global procedure trigger
  • [#54420] Added does water vaporize option for custom dimensions
  • [#52243] Added "Get moon phase" procedure block
  • [#50867] Added "Set players spawn point" procedure block
  • [#55207, 1.14.4] Added "Blocks" tag type
  • [#54935, 1.14.4] Added option to select biome category and optional parent biome
  • [Bugfix] Special tool type did not apply attack damage parameter
  • [Bugfix] Workspace modid change caused build errors
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Import structure from Minecraft always showed an empty list
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Custom biomes did not spawn caves, structures, dungeons and ores
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Custom blocks with "replaceable" option turned on caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #55099, 1.14.4] "On ranged item used" procedure trigger did not trigger the procedure
  • [Bugfix #55190, 1.14.4] Disabling weather in custom dimensions caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #55222, 1.12.2] Long mod ids crashed client when trying to connect to the server

EAP 2019.5.46321

  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 to version 28.1.90
  • Added 1.14.4 support for mod elements: fluid
  • Added option to select armor equip sound
  • [1.14.4] Added option to specify repair items for custom armor and tools
  • [1.14.4] Creative tab of custom fluid buckets and custom mob spawn eggs can now be changed
  • [#53156] The attack speed of custom tools can now be changed
  • [#46220] Added support for OBJ and JSON models to food mod element
  • [#46220] Added support for OBJ and JSON models to plant mod element
  • [#48149] Added "break block and spawn break particles" procedure block
  • [#54825] Added an option to select whether structure generator ground detection ignores motion blocking blocks or not
  • [Bugfix, 1.14.4] Switching to custom dimension did not show a loading screen
  • [Bugfix #54773, 1.14.4] Java models made with certain modelers caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #54764, 1.14.4] Dimensions or biomes with custom mobs set to spawn in crashed the game
  • [Bugfix #54764, 1.14.4] Custom living entities always showed tag names above them
  • [Bugfix #54744, 1.14.4] Use of player tick global trigger caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #54751, 1.14.4] Blocks and plants with no custom drop and drop amount of 1 dropped nothing when broken
  • [Bugfix #54834, 1.14.4] Potion effects rendered broken texture behind their icons
  • [Bugfix] Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

EAP 2019.5.45215

  • Added base support for Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 - 28.1.87
  • Updated integrated Blockly to version Q3 Patch 3
  • Added 1.14.4 support for mod elements: fuel, creative tab, advancement, armor, overlay, command, key binding, food, tool, potion, item, recipe, structure spawn, biome, plant, ranged item, block, GUI, dimension, living entity, global triggers, procedures, global variables
  • Moved ore dictionary entry parameter to a new mod element type called tag
  • Added option to reorder custom elements in creative tabs
  • Added support for switching Minecraft version of workspace in the workspace settings
  • Improved project file tree browser
  • Added option to add new JSON and image files to appropriate folders in file tree browser
  • Ported Gradle system to Gradle Tooling API for better performance and stability
  • Improved "jump to line" system in console error logs and warnings
  • Added option to cancel console (Gradle) tasks
  • Greatly improved project file search and autocomplete performance
  • Improved overall performance by caching
  • Switch dimension procedure block now has dropdown of dimensions (existing blocks need target dimension reselected)
  • [1.14.4] Improved custom dimension nether like generator with multi-biome support
  • [#46288] Added option to select workspace element sorting order and improved sort filters
  • [#46072] Plant type parameter now applies to static plants too
  • [#52995] Added option to define food saturation value
  • [#47554] Added get and set block rotation procedure blocks
  • [#47788] Added direction dependency type and compare directions procedure block
  • [Bugfix #54614] Potion mod element had dependencies in procedure triggers that they did not provide
  • [Bugfix #53864] MCreator UI had some issues with lower resolution screens
  • [Bugfix #53936] Texture templates imported through preferences UI did not work
  • [Bugfix #51063] Custom blocks did not properly rotate in structures
  • [Bugfix #53957] Custom ranged item bullet rendered as the arrow on the player
  • [Bugfix #54316] Custom growable plants dropped sugarcane in survival
  • [Bugfix] MCreator mods could crash Spigot + Minecraft Forge based servers in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Changelog (older versions)