MCreator 2022.4

Upcoming release

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.5
  • The default particles setting is now All in the test Minecraft environment
  • Added some new buttons to the toolbar for easier action access
  • Added custom code snippet procedure blocks to the AI builder
  • Custom GUI and overlay texts are now included in localization system and can be translated
  • Added new entity with ranged attacks parameters: ranged attack interval and radius
  • Added option to define custom GUI input slot limits using item tags
  • Added option to separately specify slot pickup and placement parameters with conditional procedure support
  • Changed is item of tool type procedure block to more general is item of item type procedure block
  • Removed GUI and overlay label tokens and replaced them with string return procedures system
  • Added feature mod element
  • Added feature types: simple block, lake, huge red mushroom, huge brown mushroom, block pile
  • Added feature placements: on heightmap, with random XZ within a chunk, with a chance, within a biome, on surface water depth, based on block survival
  • Added procedure blocks to get block, item, and entity registry names
  • Added entity procedure blocks: set entity frozen for a number of ticks, get number of ticks entity was frozen, make entity stop riding an entity
  • [Bugfix] Using break and continue Blockly blocks outside the loops caused build errors
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

MCreator 2022.3


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Transparency did not work with custom item block icons
  • [Bugfix] MCreator did not start properly on some Linux systems
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Most of the vanilla features (trees, tall grass, ...) did not generate properly in custom biomes
  • [Bugfix] Blockly blocks placed over shadow blocks did not generate properly
  • [Bugfix] Generator selector window could be too big on some smaller screens
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Nesting too many wait blocks one into another caused build errors 
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Certain block bases and block item textures did not implement transparency type correctly
  • [Bugfix] Image editor canvas was blurry when the main window UI background was set
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements


  • Updated Minecraft Forge version to 43.1.47
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] There were still some cases where the wait procedure block did not work
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Execute command as entity did not work for certain commands for players without cheats enabled
  • [Bugfix] Certain procedures did not work in combination with the item right-clicked on the block procedure trigger
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.3.44708

  • Improved mod version string validation
  • Improved tag name validation
  • Improved texture selectors of particle, potion effect, and painting mod elements
  • Added option to not only include but also exclude compatibility of items and enchantments in custom enchantments
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Custom sounds could not contain - character in the name
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Block transparency did not work for certain block bases
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Overlays rendered multiple times, making transparent overlays not transparent
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Custom leaves transparency was not working in combination with the graphics quality setting
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] Using more than one wait procedure block in a workspace crashed the game
  • [Bugfix] Switch dimension procedure block did not teleport to the correct location in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom dimension portal blocks could not be translucent
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.3.41417

  • Added base support for Minecraft Forge 1.19.2
  • [FG 1.19.2] Added support for mod elements: sounds, custom code, paintings, creative tabs, functions, loot tables, villager trades, global variables, potion items, game rules, key bindings, potion effects, enchantments, commands, particles, structures, overlays, recipes, advancements, item extensions, tags, tools, plants, fluids, armor, dimensions, music discs, ranged items, biomes, GUIs, blocks, items, living entities, global triggers, procedures
  • Added Minecraft add-on generator for 1.19.x
  • Added Minecraft data pack generator for 1.19.x
  • Added music disc length and jukebox comparator redstone power output parameters
  • Added biome tag type to tag mod element
  • Added is biome tagged in procedure block
  • [Bugfix] Custom dimensions with vanilla nether or end biomes crashed the game
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

MCreator 2022.2


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Dispense output and compost layer chance parameters in item extension mod element did not work
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Blockstate procedures caused build errors in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Removed some unnecessary generated code in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom ranged items emitted arrow sounds when triggered with the new projectile procedure blocks
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.2.31711

  • Added duplicate layer button to the image editor
  • Added some more block and plant tint types
  • Added new mod element type: item extension
  • Added follow range parameter to living entity mod element
  • Added support to switch between Minecraft Forge and Fabric generators
  • Scoreboard procedures now work with all entities, not just players
  • Added new command argument types: message
  • Added new projectile procedure blocks: shoot a projectile from the entity, shoot a projectile at a location with direction, added arrow, fireball, and throwable projectile definition blocks
  • Added new entity procedures: for each passenger, for each direct passenger, get passenger that is controlling entity, and get lowest ridden entity, is in wall, get remaining ticks on fire, is sleeping, is glowing, is swimming
  • Added new text procedures: is text empty, trim text, uppercase text, lowercase text, does text start/end with
  • Added four new texture categories: entities, screens, effects, and particles
  • [Bugfix] Fixed common tags tool dirt tag using the wrong namespace
  • [Bugfix] Command actions did not run when called from a command block
  • [Bugfix] Accept any parameter and call procedure command parameter did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some dialog windows in image maker froze the UI on macOS in some cases
  • [Bugfix] AI task editor was disabled in the add-on generator
  • [Bugfix] Food mod element failed to properly convert to the item in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Wandering villager custom trades did not work
  • [Bugfix] Checkboxes in custom GUIs had too big of a click region
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.2.25609

  • Updated Blockly to 2022 Q1 Patch 2
  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.3
  • Added new Java plugins system for more advanced MCreator plugins
  • Added some new tags to the common tags tool
  • Added blockstate management procedure blocks to universally read, write and modify block states
  • Added requires correct tool option for blocks
  • Added is solid option for plants
  • Added new block triggers: projectile hits the block
  • Added new plant triggers: projectile hits the plant, entity walked on the plant
  • Added new command argument builder with Blockly editor
  • Added new command argument types: number, logic, string, literal, block position, entity, item, block state
  • Added procedure blocks to read specific command arguments
  • Added support for adding custom trades to wandering traders
  • Added custom block pitch rotation support
  • Spawn entity procedure blocks and biome selectors now only show spawnable entities
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Mega spruce trees in custom biomes crashed the world generation
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] When custom projectile hits block procedure trigger executed twice
  • [Bugfix] Custom slots did not look the same as vanilla slots
  • [Bugfix] On GUI closed procedure was not called on non-slot custom GUIs
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

MCreator 2022.1


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom structures did not generate in most of the cases
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom plants could not generate in nether-like dimensions
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Sand was missing in the desert biome in custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix] Food mod element failed to properly convert to the item in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements


  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom plants, blocks, structures, and fluids sometimes spawned outside specified biomes
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom dimension biomes did not spawn in some cases
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Custom block map colors did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Nesting division math operation caused operations to execute in the wrong order
  • [Bugfix] Local variables failed to import properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Ranged item procedures did not provide immediatesourceentity properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom ranged items could crash the game if no ammo was selected
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.1.18711

  • Added custom villager trades mod element
  • Merged food mod element into item mod element
  • Added new procedure blocks: random item from tag, random block from tag, std. normalized random, random integer in range, random number in range
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom overworld and cave biomes sometimes spawned improperly
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Forge energy did not sync to clients and store to the world save
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom end dimensions generated one biome only
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Nether biomes were spawning above the bedrock roof
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.1.15515

  • Added native file chooser support on Windows computers
  • Added render transparent entity model condition
  • Added display shaking animation entity model condition
  • Added optional biome underwater block support
  • Added new built-in entity models: cod, ocelot, piglin, salmon, witch
  • Added new procedure blocks: get entity look vector, get player XP needed to gain a level, copy NBT tags of the item to another item, compare blocks by block state or by a raw block
  • [FG 1.18.2] Added more ore generation parameters: ore generation shape, negative generation heights
  • [FG 1.18.2] Added custom nether biomes support
  • [FG 1.18.2] Added custom overworld cave biomes support
  • [Bugfix, 1.18.2] Custom overworld-like dimension caves and water generated incorrectly
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Custom conditions for melee AI task caused build errors
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom ores only spawned in the chunk corners
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom particles crashed dedicated servers in some cases
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Binding custom GUIs to custom items caused build errors
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Custom fishing rods caused build errors
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.18.2] Tags did not work in brewing recipes
  • [Bugfix] Local variable auto-loading did not work for externally imported procedure templates
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

EAP 2022.1.12711

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17
  • Added base support for Minecraft Forge 1.18.2
  • [FG 1.18.2] Added support for mod elements: command, fuel, creative tab, ranged item, potion effect, tag, loot table, living entity, advancement, potion item, GUI, function, key binding, painting, game rule, food, armor, particle, fluid, biome, dimension, overlay, tool, structure spawn, block, plant, custom element, recipe, item, music disc, sounds, enchantments, and variables
  • Added Minecraft add-on generator for 1.18.x
  • Added Minecraft data pack generator for 1.18.x
  • Added entity local variable type
  • Improved list selectors for big lists in procedure blocks
  • Added context menu to the workspace browser
  • [Bugfix] Items and tools crashed multiplayer servers in some rare cases
  • [Bugifx] Custom living entities sometimes had too big of a melee attack range
  • [Bugfix] Vanilla structures did not generate in custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix] Fight back attacker AI task call for help option did not work
  • [Bugfix] Custom breeding items parameter did not work with custom living entities
  • [Bugfix] Custom map colors of blocks did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Shoot ranged item procedure block did sometimes not shoot in the right direction
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Changelog (older versions)