MCreator release notes


On this page, you can find release notes for some versions of MCreator. You can find downloads of older versions on all downloads. Through time, server protocols, installation procedures, and many other elements of MCreator changed so there can be some differences between versions. You can find these notes on this page.


  • Labels using tokens in custom GUIs and overlays will no longer replace tokens with values but show raw tokens instead. This system was replaced by string return value procedures that can be used as a text source for labels. Manual conversion will be needed.
  • Particle parameters were removed from the custom block and living entity mod elements. Procedures should be used instead. Existing particle spawning parameters need to be manually converted to procedures.
  • Using the MCREATOR_HOME environment variable, one can specify an alternative folder location for data storage
  • [Plugins] Added support for list inputs and list statements, making custom Blockly mutators possible


  • Due to a bug in Minecraft Forge, execute command as entity procedure block with a player as the entity will not work with Forge versions before 43.1.3 if the player does not have cheats enabled
  • Dropped support for biome categories and biome dictionary. This system is replaced by biome tags that need to be manually migrated. Procedures using biome dictionary checks will be converted to biome tag checks automatically.
  • When a procedure without a return value of action result type is called on the item right-clicked trigger, SUCCESS result is now returned instead of PASS


  • Added 4 new texture categories: entities, effects, particles, and screens. Existing workspaces will be converted to new categories automatically.
  • Removed fuel mod element (replaced by the new item extension mod element). Existing fuel mod elements will be converted to item extensions automatically.
  • Removed custom item dispense behavior settings (replaced by the new item extension mod element). Existing item mod element dispense behavior settings will be converted to item extensions automatically.
  • Replaced current shoot ranged item procedure block with new projectile procedure blocks
  • [Plugins] Replaced some of the custom Blockly extensions with a new field type
  • [Plugins] Added a new template type for command arguments


  • [FG 1.18.2] Biome spawning is now greatly affected by weight, height base and variation, temperature, and rainfall chance. Tinkering with these parameters to achieve a good generation will be needed by most of the mods 
  • The food mod element was merged into the item mod element. Existing food mod elements will be converted to items automatically
  • Block position x, y, and z blocks were removed as x, y, and z blocks act like those by default when appropriate
  • Changed the format of ranged item projectile entity registry name
  • Workspace encoding was changed from system default to UTF-8, so on some computers, non-standard characters may need to be re-entered where they broke. Some workspaces may need to have translation tables exported to CSV, deleted, then re-imported in 2022.1


  • Java entity models before 1.17 are not compatible with 1.17 and vice versa. Two separate instances with the same name need to be imported, one for an older generator and one in 1.17 generators and MCreator will pick the right version depending on the current generator
  • Custom wall blocks now need to be tagged in the walls vanilla blocks tag group to make them connect with other wall types
  • [Plugins] Generators can now use global templates for each mod element type
  • [Plugins] Generators can now use common definition files for different base types
  • [Plugins] Generators no longer need to define partial support for mod elements as MCreator automatically detects coverage support using excludes/includes parameters.
  • [Plugins] Variables and procedure categories can now use hex color codes
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now register custom Blockly JavaScript files
  • [Plugins] Plugins now fully support custom data lists


  • Custom blocks using log rotation in existing world saves may change placement direction
  • Changed custom code mod element default template
  • Registry names of some blocks may change, reverting translations, structures, and existing world saves
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add new local variable types
  • [Plugins] Generator plugins can now specify UI field exclusions or inclusions
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now specify update check URL
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add new entity model animations
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add custom themes
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add new global variable types


  • Dimension ID and dimension comparison procedures may need to be redone in some cases
  • Block, dimension portal, and plant elements now specify the light value in the range from 0-15. Existing workspaces will be upgraded automatically.
  • Sand patches per chunk parameter may need to be redefined in custom biome mod elements
  • [FG 1.16.5] Custom biome underground and ground blocks need forge:dirt Blocks tag for custom trees to generate
  • [Plugins] Procedure block statement inputs can now declare incompatibility with local variables
  • [Plugins] Procedure blocks can now declare incompatibility with statement blocks


  • Existing images in custom GUIs will not draw proper bounding box in the GUI editor previews and should be re-imported from the original image when possible
  • [Plugins] Failure to properly generate the Freemarker template of procedure block will now cause the whole procedure code generation to fail
  • [Plugins] Added Blockly shadow block support for optional inputs
  • [Plugins] Added Blockly statement input with optional dependency contexts support


  • Existing custom biomes might need to have custom colors cleared to use default colors
  • Global variables are now only synced from server-side to client-side and not the other way around to prevent malicious forging of data by sending packets with altered data from client-side to server-side
  • Overlay and particle spawning conditions need to be redefined using the new condition system
  • [Plugins] Data lists (eg. block and items list) can now be extended (eg. with elements from other mods), using plugins
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add texture maker, animation maker, procedure, and AI task templates
  • [Plugins] Added option to define custom APIs, libraries, and support mods similar to how MCreator Link is implemented (APIs get automatically installed when enabled) and make procedures, triggers and AI tasks that require specific API enabled to work


  • Workspace resources (textures, structures, and sounds) are now stored in Gradle resources folder only (folders <workspace dir>/sounds, <workspace dir>/textures, <workspace dir>/structures can be removed from the workspace; before opening older workspaces, it is recommended to regenerate the code in the old version before opening it in the new one)
  • Dropped Minecraft 1.12.2 generator support
  • Mod element camel-case name is now automatically converted to snake-cased registry name
  • "On collided with the player" and "on right-clicked on living entity" triggers now have source and target entity swapped
  • Custom tools of type multi-tool now have harvest level
  • [Code only] Custom GUIs now use IItemHandler instead of IInventory
  • [Code only] Main mod file naming scheme changed for compatibility reasons


  • [Code only] All mod elements with locked code (including main mod files) will have to be redone due to massive change in the project structure, existing locked files will be removed on the code regeneration process
  • Blocks are now bound to a custom GUI instead of GUIs being bound to blocks
  • Minecraft 1.12.2 is now marked as a deprecated version


  • Minecraft 1.12.2 is now a legacy version, and 1.14.4 is the next LTS version to follow the Minecraft Forge's LTS versions
  • Any advancement can now be triggered by procedures: existing procedure blocks need to have advancements re-selected
  • Attack damage parameter is no longer offset so existing values need to be corrected (see #55543)


  • Switch dimension procedure block now has a dropdown of dimensions: existing procedure blocks of this type need target dimension reselected

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