Attack damage variable set incorrectly

Published by raziel23x on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 14:34
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Issue description

When setting Attack damage it has the same issue as we had with Attack speed variable being set incorrectly that i reported and you fixed with this one its the same issue and you can apply the same fix that you did with it as the offset is of 4 as well because i went to set the attack damage to 9 for a sword and when i loaded it into the game the sword had a attack damage of 13 instead of the number 9 which i set it to

Issue comments

We can not change this due to existing workspaces already using values they have. If we offset it now many users would have to replace their values so we are tied to backward compatibility. Just apply the offset manually.

Wait... you can put this in a mcreator update and let all the swords automatically change their attack damage to the fixed one. It is like OreDict to Tag

OreDict to Tag is not automatic too. I might consider doing this down the road but right now there is no system to implement such change in place in MCreator yet.

I have decided to still fix this in 2020.1, but users will have to fix offsets in their existing mods as now value is 1:1 from UI in MCreator to ingame value.

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