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MCreator plugins are extensions adding additional functionality to MCreator such as new generator types, new procedure blocks, AI tasks, support for APIs, and much more.

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MCreator Spigot Generator

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 day ago
Spigot is a server API allowing to create plugins (mods for servers only with fewer things). This plugin tries to implement a generator to create plugins for Spigot. However, as I'm alone to develop it and this is an external plugin, updates can take time to come and I can't add…

Tags: Generator, Mod support  Comments: 75
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.03117

Fabric Generator

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 2 days ago
This plugin adds a new Fabric Generator to your MCreator. The Current targeted Minecraft Version is 1.16.5. Due to an old Java 8 version used by MCreator, you HAVE TO USE A 2021.2 SNAPSHOT. Features Note: Mod elements listed are not all fully implemented Full supported Advancement Biome…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 146
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417

Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 mods generator

Posted by Klemen, last updated 1 month ago
Although we no longer support or encourage the use of 1.12.2, we still want you to update to newer versions. Most of the new features are not supported in it, though, but feel free to open pull requests. This generator only works on MCreator 2021.1 Contributing You are welcome to support…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 63
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.1, EAP 2021.1.12313

Lego245's Themes

Posted by yusuf_abdullah, last updated 5 hours ago
Lego245's Themes is a small Plugin that added UI themes to Mcreator that i created. I am willing to include other people's themes and you can suggest ideas to me on Discord Update: 1.2 added changes for 2021.2.26215   i am also taking part in the theme competition Green Matrix Display…

Tags: Themes  Comments: 0
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417, EAP 2021.2.26215

DTM's Toolkit - Attributes (v1.2.0)

Posted by Drop The Mag, last updated 1 day ago
DTM's Toolkit - Attributes: Version 1.2.0: Updated to work with the latest version of MCreator (2021+), Minecraft (1.16.5), and Forge! Removed the "add entity dependency block" as I've since streamlined the plugin to no longer require it. ;) Only two blocks remain, both allowing you to…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 24
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4, 2020.5, EAP 2020.5.35716, EAP 2020.6.52319, 2021.1, EAP 2021.2.23417, EAP 2021.1.12313, EAP 2021.1.03117

MCreator Legacy Theme

Posted by Defeatomizer, last updated 2 days ago
This theme is an attempt to revert newest MCreator versions UI design to the style used in versions before 1.7.8 (which is the first step ahead MCreator 2). The final plugin version and screenshots are upcoming! Note: I want the theme to take part in the competition.

Tags: Themes  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417

Space-Bosstools API

Posted by MrScautHD, last updated 5 days ago
This Plugin add the API of Space-Bosstools! Credits: Lego245 (Mappings) This Plugin add: The Space-Bosstools API in MCreator All Space-Bosstools Blocks, Items, Creative Tabs, Entities, Sounds, Achivements, Biomes and Dimensions

Tags: API support  Comments: 14
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417

Midnight Theme

Posted by Van, last updated 1 week ago
Dark theme with orange accents that I've made for myself because usually I mod at late hours. I've decided to leave main icons default, as they are good enough. I've edited most of the small icons though.  Any issues or ideas should be reported on discord: Van#0220. You can find me on the…

Tags: Themes  Comments: 3
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417

Qubik Studios Theme

Posted by ConmineLP, last updated 1 week ago
Hello guys! This is my Theme for the Mcreator Theme contest. Its a theme with the Color scheme from my teams website.   Have fun!

Tags: Themes  Comments: 1
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417


Posted by MissLexyShaodws, last updated 1 week ago
Change Log: # Fixed problems in language file # Test in 2021.2 EAP and Source Push: This plugin is just a simple plugin to add the option to check for Alt, Ctrl and shift is down.   Few tweaks updated by Goldorion, Please don't edit my work and release it on any website without…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 15
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.5, EAP 2021.2.23417