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MCreator plugins are extensions adding additional functionality to MCreator such as new generator types, new procedure blocks, AI tasks, support for APIs, and much more.

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Fabric Generator

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 3 weeks ago
This plugin adds a new Fabric Generator to your MCreator. The Current targeted Minecraft Version is 1.16.5. Features Note: Mod elements listed are not all fully implemented Full support Advancement Command Custom code Enchantment Food Fuel Function Game rule GUI Item Item group Missing:…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 209
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2

MCreator Spigot Generator

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 month ago
Spigot is a server API allowing to create plugins (mods for servers only with fewer things). This plugin tries to implement a generator to create plugins for Spigot. However, as I'm alone to develop it and this is an external plugin, updates can take time to come and I can't add…

Tags: Generator, Mod support  Comments: 84
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.03117

Caelus API

Posted by Coring, last updated 22 hours ago
Developer : TheIllusiveC4   Overview Caelus is a small utility mod that abstracts the hardcoded vanilla elytra behavior into a more generic elytra flight attribute and exposes this to mod developers seeking to implement elytra flight for their mods. All modders have to do is call …

Tags: API support  Comments: 1
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2

File Manager

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 week ago
File Manager is a plugin adding new procedure blocks allowing you to create and read your files! Adding support for JSON files, it gives you the possibility to create a config file or files to save data for your mod. This plugin has also more usage, but this it to you to find them! :)…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 75
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2

Advanced Spigot Generator

Posted by EntityPlantt, last updated 1 week ago
Advanced Spigot Generator Makes more procedure blocks compatible with MCreator's Spigot generator. WARNING: This plugin is not tested. This plugin makes more procedure blocks compatible with Spigot, such as: Is day in the provided world, Get world time, and other.

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 5
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2

Chunk Manager

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 2 weeks ago
Chunk Manager is a plugin adding a new variable type and new procedure blocks related to chunks. With this plugin, you can get values of a chunk and set their properties! Features A new Chunk variable (Local + Global session) Force chunk to load Get chunk at x y z Get the start x/z of…

Tags: Procedures, Variables  Comments: 5
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2


Posted by MissLexyShaodws, last updated 3 weeks ago
Change Log: # Fixed problems in language file # Test in 2021.2 EAP and Source Push: This plugin is just a simple plugin to add the option to check for Alt, Ctrl and shift is down.   Few tweaks updated by Goldorion, Please don't edit my work and release it on any website without…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 18
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.5, EAP 2021.2.33614, 2021.2

Blockstate procedures

Posted by SomeoneElse, last updated 4 weeks ago
This plugin adds some procedure blocks to manipulate the properties of block states. For example, you can check the water level of a cauldron, place an upside-down slab, or waterlog a fence gate. Note: you can't add new block states to your custom blocks, that can't be done with…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 3
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2

Twilight Forest Dependencies API

Posted by Burnuts Gaming, last updated 1 month ago
Develop Twilight Forest add-ons. Required for building TNT and Disparity mod. Disable plugins like More APIs Support or APIs Reborn to avoid overwriting anything in the mcreator.gradle when using this plugin. Team-Burnuts/MavenControl: Needed for TNT and Disparity add-ons. (github.com)…

Tags: API support  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.2.23417, EAP 2021.2.26215, EAP 2021.2.30411, EAP 2021.2.31709, EAP 2021.2.33614, 2021.2

Feder's Geckolib 2.0.0 Plugin

Posted by itayfeder, last updated 1 month ago
The GeckoLib plugin is finally here!   Now, you too can also use the power of GeckoLib in your own custom mobs to have smooth and fluid animations, without the need for code! All you need to do is simply install the plugin, create your mob, and the rest will be done for you! This plugin…

Tags: API support, Mod support, Procedures  Comments: 111
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2020.5.39514