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MCreator plugins are extensions adding additional functionality to MCreator such as new generator types, new procedure blocks, AI tasks, support for APIs, and much more.

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Fabric Generator [1.19.2]

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 2 weeks ago
This plugin adds a new Fabric Generator to your MCreator. Important Information Back up your workspace before updating to a newer version of the plugin. Mods will also require Fabric API to function properly, so when you want to play your mod, make sure you have Fabric API. Biomes now…

Tags: API support, Generator  Comments: 513
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, 2023.1

Nerdy's GeckoLib Plugin [Forge & Fabric]

Posted by NerdyPuzzle, last updated 2 weeks ago
GeckoLib support for MCreator is back! Now more powerful than ever, GeckoLib allows you to animate your entity, block, armor and item models using smooth keyframe animations made with blockbench. This plugin implements an easy to use method of applying those animations and models in only…

Tags: API support, Procedures, Templates  Comments: 874
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, EAP 2023.1.08712, 2023.1

Geometrical Templates Pack

Posted by cristalpower2, last updated 19 hours ago
This pack contains 1480 awesome templates free to use for making textures for your mod. Current Version: 2.13.1 Changelog === How to install === Video Tutorial Here Download the "Download" file and put the texures into the C:\Users\<your username>\.mcreator\templates\textures\…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 23
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, 2022.2, 2022.1, 2021.3, 2021.2, 2020.5, 2020.4, 2020.3, 2020.2

Minecraft Forge 1.19.4 mod generator

Posted by Atten007, last updated 21 hours ago
This plugin adds a working generator for Minecraft Forge 1.19.4 into MCreator. Although MCreator don't supports this version yet, please use it with caution and report all bugs you can find. Please note that this plugin is in early beta and may have bugs. Using this generator may…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 5
Supported MCreator versions: 2023.1

Vector Utils 1.0.1 [Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2, Fabric 1.19.2]

Posted by sumeshi0216, last updated 4 days ago
This plugin adds utils about vector operation!   Features: The vector is a new variable composed of three numbers - "Create vector" allows to a create vector with inputting numbers - "Get X/Y/Z" allows to get components of the vectors   These procedures allow basic operations on vectors…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 9
Supported MCreator versions: 2023.1

Procedures Plus [Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2]

Posted by Marwinekk256, last updated 5 days ago
PROCEDURES PLUS Available for forge: 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2   I'd like to share with a few procedures that I think might come in handy. Each time I think of new procedures to add, an update will be available here!A few explanations:- Morph procedures (orange) are for the "Identity" mod,…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 66
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, 2023.1

Better crafting recipes (1.17 and higher)

Posted by Defeatomizer, last updated 1 week ago
Since 1.17 support, the generated mod code looks much more similar to the manually written ones... everywhere except crafting recipes.They still look machine-generated unlike the rest of the mod. Despite they don't have the highest priority speaking of code optimizations, I think there…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 29
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.3, 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3, EAP 2022.4.52117, 2023.1

Custom Sky Plugin 3.0.3 [Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2]

Posted by sumeshi0216, last updated 2 weeks ago
This plugin adds triggers and procedures allow to create your custom sky! v3.0.0 Update: "Set custom vanilla sky" is required to change the sky of vanilla dimensions   "Render custom weather procedure": These procedures allow to render custom rain/snow. It is also possible to change the…

Tags: Global triggers  Comments: 51
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, 2023.1

Configuration Files

Posted by NerdyPuzzle, last updated 2 weeks ago
Configuration FIles is a plugin that allows for the creation of mod configuration files, through which parts of your mod can be enabled, disabled or modified using variable values stored inside it. Those values can then be changed by the mod's users, allowing for more control over your…

Tags: Procedures, Templates  Comments: 80
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.3, EAP 2023.1.08712, 2023.1

Nerdy's Curios API Plugin

Posted by NerdyPuzzle, last updated 2 weeks ago
Upgraded and improved, Nerdy's Curios API plugin introduces a new mod element to MCreator, called the "Curios Bauble". This element allows you to create curios items that can be equipped in curios slots, and also gives you the option to render a custom 3D model on the player while worn.…

Tags: API support, Global triggers, Procedures, Templates  Comments: 117
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2023.1.08712, 2023.1

Geometrical GUI Pack (LTS)

Posted by GamesofFreak, last updated 3 weeks ago
Geometrical GUI Pack is template Pack using some modified Textures from Geometrical Templates Pack. It goal is to provide the MCreator Community various and unique Textures for the GUI. Important Notes:  This Pack includes some Textures from Vanilla Minecraft. This Plugin can be…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 8
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.2, 2020.3, 2020.4, 2020.5, 2021.1, 2021.2, 2021.3, 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3, 2023.1

Entity Textures Features (ETF)

Posted by GamesofFreak, last updated 3 weeks ago
Entity Textures Features allows you to change Textures from Entities with specific Properties via Optifine Format, also has more properties that doesn't exist in Optifine. Important Notes:  This Plugin adds only ETF as RunTimeOnly. This means it adds only ETF as a Mod for running in the…

Tags: API support  Comments: 16
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1, 2022.2, 2022.3, EAP 2022.4.52117, EAP 2023.1.04717