Nerdy's GeckoLib Plugin [Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2] [Fabric 1.19.2]

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GeckoLib support for MCreator is back! Now more powerful than ever, GeckoLib allows you to animate your entity and block models using smooth keyframe animations made with blockbench. This plugin implements an easy to use method of applying those animations and models in only a few simple steps!


The java plugins feature needs to be enabled as this is now a java plugin

2022.2 is no longer supported, 1.16.5 now requires this plugin to work on 2022.3

-This plugin is not maintained or supported by the the creators of  GeckoLib.





How to use?

Here is the link to the official tutorial



-Updated the fabric entity template
-Added support for java models in 1.16.5

-Fixed flying entities and entity particles causing a build error
-Fixed matrix and midnight theme icons for the animated block element

-Added support for the built-in attack animation on forge 1.16.5
-The built-in attack animation will now work for creatures and animals too

-This plugin is now a java plugin and requires the java plugins feature
-Added the animated block element for forge 1.18.2 and 1.19.2
-Added new animation procedures for animated blocks

-Dropped support for 2022.2
-Fixed a bug with the forge generator 1.16.5 plugin that would break entity AI

-Added support for fabric 1.19.2
  Features not supported:
    -Glow layers

-Updated some code templates to work with 2022.3

-Added support for forge 1.16.5
  Features not supported:
    -Built-in attack animation
    -Java models
    -Death duration modification

-Java models can now be used alongside GeckoLib models
-Changed the RenderType to allow for translucent textures
-Fixed some issues with the head movement animation

-Updated the API to the latest release. To properly apply the changes, disable GeckoLib and enable it again
-Updated the entity and model code to use the new GeckoLib methods
-Added a new procedure block that stops procedure-triggered animations
-Removed the old animation procedure. If your procedure still includes it, replace it before updating

-Replaced the animation procedure with a brand new one. The old procedure still exists so that existing workspaces using it won't break. (see the updated tutorial)
-Fixed some issues with the animation procedure's controller in the entity code
-Renamed the Setup model (GeckoLib) event to Setup class (GeckoLib)

v2.1-Hotfix 1
-Fixed Player Animator's animation procedure replacing GeckoLib's animation procedure

-Fixed a bug that caused Player Animator's procedures to not appear when the plugin was loaded

-Fixed the animation procedure sometimes requiring to be played twice to work
-Minor improvements to the built-in walking animation trigger

v1.9-Hotfix 1
-Fixed ONE wrong word in the code that broke the animation procedure

-Added a new procedure block through which an animation can be played
-Made sneak and sprint animations loop

-Added the option to disable entity rotation on death (you know, the entity falling on its side when killed, which ruined death animations)

-Major improvements to the animation controller code

-Added glow layer support through a new procedure, check the updated forum post tutorial for more details
-Walk and Idle animations will now completely stop while the entity is set to sneak or sprint to prevent the animations assigned from being disrupted

-Fixed sneak animations and added support for head movement in the model procedure

-Fixed attack animations

-Fixed minor scaling issues and entity shadows not changing through the entity menu

-Fixed ranged entities causing a build error when GeckoLib is enabled

-Fixed some animations not playing
MIT License

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Hey when I followed the tutorial you left mcreator said the entity was still not working even when I regenerated the code can you help me with that?

Hey I tried your plugin and I have to say WOW it's really well done. Very easy to understand very good turtorial.


Me and I assume the community
Thank you for your work and for making it available for all to use

Have another question?
if you use your plugin in your mod you can then publish it and how should you give credit
should one link something specific or do you not care.

look forward to further updates

"Hero of the village" is not enough to describe you right now. Damn good plugin!

Hey man, I've got an idea: I know it's easier said than done, but what do you think of making a procedure block that says "Play (insert animation)"?
For example: let's say you want to make the entity do an animation when hurt or something like that, so the person could do "Global Procedure: When Entity is hurt, if get (sub)type entity = (Insert desired entity), do Play (insert desired animation)"
I know it may be a bit difficult to make, but it would be highly praised