Nerdy's GeckoLib Plugin [Forge]

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About the plugin

GeckoLib support for MCreator is back! Now more powerful than ever, GeckoLib allows you to animate your entity, block, armor and item models using smooth keyframe animations made with blockbench. This plugin implements an easy to use method of applying those animations and models in only a few simple steps!


The java plugins feature needs to be enabled as this is a java plugin

-This plugin is not maintained or supported by the the creators of  GeckoLib.


If you are experiencing crashes due to broken animation files, then try running the GeckoLib animation fixer windows application on your workspace. (Make sure to have a backup of your animation files just in case and make sure MCreator is not running while using it.)


As I am currently serving in the military, I have little time to test and update the plugin, so expect to encounter bugs. I will eventually fix them, but don't count on a specific timeline. Also, fabric support is currently dropped as I barely have time to maintain just the forge version.




How to use?

2023.1+ tutorial for versions 4.4 or above



-Fixed itemstates being broken in 1.19.4
-Fixed head animation groups not working unless named "head"

-Fixed the mineable tag fix not being in versions below 1.20.1

-Fixed animated blocks breaking mineable tags

-Fixed a 1.20.1 build error with ridable entities

-Fixed some 1.20.1 issues
-MCreator 2023.3 support

-Forge 1.20.1 support
-Fixed the ranged item model issue caused by the geckolib mod

-Fixed villager professions causing a build error

-Fixed animated block elements not opening (again)

-Fixed entity visual scale not working in forge 1.19.4

-Fixed the plugin causing biomes to not compile in forge 1.19.4

-Support for the latest MCreator snapshot

-Added Chinese translations
-Fixed creative tabs causing build errors

-Fixed blocks not compiling on 1.19.4
-Fixed the animated block element not opening

-Added support for forge 1.19.4
-Fixed animated armor not being available in the item selector
-Fixed the game not being able to launch when animated blocks had 0 procedure animations
-Dropped support for 2023.1 due to incompatibilities in the code
-Blockbench loop types (play once, loop, hold onto last frame) now work in-game for forge 1.19.4

-Fixed workspaces freezing when used on macs
-Fixed animated blocks lagging the game (now you need to be specify how many procedure animations they can use)

-Removed the version MCreator limit so I dont need to constantly update the plugin

-Added element converters for entities
-1.19.2 now supports animated item enchantment glow
-Updated the geckolib version of 1.19.2 fabric and forge
-Animated entity spawn eggs are now available in the item selector
-Fixed some issues with animated blocks' items being purple boxes sometimes
-Support for the 2023.1 release

-Dropped support for the 2023.1 2nd snapshot
-Support for the 2023.1 3rd snapshot
-Added the ability to change an animated entity's visual scale
-Added the ability to change an animated entity's bounding box scale

-Fixed animated item animations having the use animation
-Fixed animated blocks not dropping their inventories
-Added animated block support to fabric
-Added a new menu in the resources tab for GeckoLib resources

-Fixed build error caused by animated armor descriptions in 1.18.2
-Added a warning when attempting to add GeckoLib elements without GeckoLib enabled
-Added a new button on the top menu bar for automatically importing models and animations
-Fixed animated items not having damage stats when they were enabled
-Fixed animated armor model textures not being validated in the GUI
-Replaced the model name textfields in all GeckoLib elements with model selectors
-Improved the visuals page of the animated item's element GUI
-Added a new button on the top menu bar for automatically importing display settings
-Added new model selectors in animated block/item GUIs for selecting display settings files
-GeckoLib procedure blocks now use datalist selectors instead of relying on manual inputs
-Added new procedure blocks for getting/setting the textures of animated entities
-Added a new procedure block for checking if an entity is a GeckoLib entity
-Fixed animated armors not animating on forge and spamming errors in the console
-Fixed animated item procedures triggering the animation for everyone on a server
-Added new animation procedure blocks for animated armors
-Removed support for the get animated armor procedure on forge, use convert registry name to item instead
(Check the updated tutorial)

-Dropped support for 2022.4 snapshot 1 due to incompatibilities in the code
-Updated to the 2023.1 snapshot 2
-Fixed the plugin attempting to load in unsupported versions
-Fixed animated items spamming the console with warnings

-Fixed animated blocks crashing servers (I think so)

-Fixed 1.19.2 animated entities causing build errors (oops!!!)

-Fixed some outdated code in the 1.19.2 base mod files
-Animation procedures on forge are now server-synced
-Added the animated armor mod element on forge
-Added the animated armor mod element on fabric
-Slight improvements to the GUI of the elements
-Translations for french, polish and spanish

-Fixed midnight theme entity icon using the incorrect picture
-Added a new text field in the animated item GUI for the idle animation
-Added the option to limit animated item animations to a perspective
-Added the option for first person arm rendering in animated item models
(Check the updated tutorial)

-Support for MCreator 2022.4
-New mod element for animated entities
-Removed old register model/layer procedures
-Attack animations now play for ranged attacks too
-Added the new "No animation" procedure
-Major improvements to animation controller code
-New built-in entity animation, "flight animation"
-New built-in entity animation, "riding animation"
-New built-in entity animation, "aggression animation"
-Dropped support for 1.16.5
-Dropped support for 2022.3

-Fixed block animations not playing on forge 1.19.2
-Fixed animated block inventories not storing content
-Fixed the get entity animation procedure causing a build error
-Added the translucent rendertype to animated items and block display items
-General improvements to all of the code templates

MIT License


Hey when I followed the tutorial you left mcreator said the entity was still not working even when I regenerated the code can you help me with that?

Wrong, I have the same problem, I checked the build log and oh! Who would've guessed, it's in the code. For me the attack animation won't work. So, yeah, it's in the 2023.3 version, you should go check that code real quick the error is: error: level has private access in Entity, if (this.swinging && this.lastSwing + 7L <= level.getGameTime()) { the level.getGameTime is the error so pls pls fix it!