Terms of use

This article is a license between MCreator's users who use MCreator, mods made with it, MCreator's wiki or this website or distributes mods made with MCreator (later called user). By doing anything listed below, you automatically agree with the terms on this page.

  • Using MCreator and making mods
  • Downloading MCreator or its mods
  • Distributing mods made with MCreator
  • Using MCreator's wiki or this website

As this website and MCreator is a property of Pylo, their Terms of Use apply to all this stuff too but this license overrides any terms states in the Pylo's terms of use if not stated differently.

When we refer to the MCreator either website or software is meant. The term MCreator's source is meant as the source code of the MCreator software.

1. Trademarks

MCreator is a product of Pylo. Minecraft, Mojang, Minecraft Forge, Java, and other trademarks related with MCreator are registered and owned by their legal owners. If you are unsure about the rules that apply to them, check their terms of use and their licenses on their websites.
You are not allowed to distribute MCreator, claim that MCreator is yours and use resources made by Pylo to be used as part of the user interface of MCreator or website. You can use MCreator's logo as long as you use in in the relation of MCreator as the software distributed here by Pylo.

2. Warranty

We do not provide any kind of warranty for MCreator. It comes in the "as is" form and therefore you are responsible for using MCreator. If your computer, software or anything else has been harmed, broken or something else bad happens or happened with either your hardware, software, your data or any kind of property, we are not responsible for that.
MCreator does not contain any malicious pieces of code or software but there is a possibility as for any other file on your computer to be infected with malware. MCreator hosted on our servers is 100% safe but there is a possibility that it gets infected on the way to your computer or on your computer but this is not our problem as this can happen with any download you make.

3. Distributing MCreator

You are not allowed to directly distribute MCreator's software. You can, however, distribute MCreator by providing a link pointing to our website but you have to state that MCreator is not you created and that it belongs to Pylo. You are not allowed to decompile or distribute MCreator's source code. MCreator is not open source! You can't use parts of MCreator's code, libraries or other intellectual properties of Pylo in any way other than intended use (by using MCreator). These rules do not apply to the mods made with MCreator. Distributing mods is described in the section entitled "Mods made with MCreator".

You are not allowed to host MCreator download on your server and provide a public link to the download or in any other way make users able to download MCreator without visiting the official download page as this is against the rules above. If you would, however, like to provide download mirror, contact us to arrange custom permission for you in case we find your application valid and acceptable.

4. Frameworks and libraries

MCreator uses some libraries and frameworks in order to function properly. You can find licenses of the in lib directory of MCreator, in jdk32 or jdk64 directory and in forge directory of MCreator installation or on websites of these frameworks. Some of these frameworks and libraries are Java, FiFe Soft AutoComplete, and RSyntaxTextArea, QDOX, JNBT library, utils4j and XML-RPC library. MCreator does not come with forge included but downloads it on the fly instead. The same thing applies to the Cubik Lite as this is part of our agreement with the software author. We have the permission of the MCSkin3D to bundle it and distribute it with MCreator.

More about Third-Party licenses.

5. Minecraft resources

MCreator uses visual representations of Minecraft blocks, items, mobs and some other elements of the game to ease the creation and explanation of the interface. Names of the game elements and all the visuals, screenshots are a property of Mojang and is not in our possession. Our terms regarding distributing and other terms too don't apply for the files that are not directly our work and are the property of Mojang. Check their license for the license and other legal terms. Minecraft resources can be found in MCreator installation in directories res/arm-maker, res/armor, res/block, res/entity some resources in res/img-maker, in res/material, all resources in res/mob, res/potion, res/sound without sound* files, res/tabs and res/tx. Parts of the resources inside res/gui are also in the property of Mojang. Generally, there is no license from our side and we don't claim ownership of any resource that contains parts of the Minecraft resources or Textures.

Under the term resource, we count textures and other image material with *.png extension found inside res directory of MCreator's installation.

6. Mods made with MCreator

You are allowed to share mods with others on this website. You are also allowed to distribute MCreator on any other website which allows distribution of mods made with MCreator. However, you have to:

  • Clearly state that your mod or the mod you distribute was made using MCreator,
  • Provide a link to MCreator's website.

An example of this would be this (it has to be placed somewhere on the visible spot, placing such statements in the spoiler or with small fonts to avoid users seeing this is not allowed):

This mod is made with MCreator mod maker. If you want to make a mod too, check their website https://mcreator.pylo.co/.


This mod was made using MCreator mod maker. You can download this mod maker here.

The author listed in the mod file is your name + MCreator and you are not allowed to change the contents of the mcmod.info file! The owner of the mods made with MCreator is both MCreator (owner of MCreator mod maker, therefore Pylo) and the author of the mod. The user is allowed to state that he made the mod, he is allowed to distribute it freely under the terms above, but he is not allowed to monetize his mod in any way or earn money with his mod. He is not allowed to put download links under the ad services such as AdFly and similar. He is also not allowed to use their mods commercially or state that he made the mod without MCreator. However, if the site on which the user is distributing the mod is not the website owned by the author of the mod and the website has advertisements on it and the author does not get any share of them, he is allowed to post their mods there (example of such site would Minecraft Foruand ad they have advertisements, but the user does not earn with them).

Users is not allowed to change the sources of the exported MCreator mod and try to hide the fact that the mod was made with MCreator. If one wants to commercially use their mods, monetize them or earn money in other way such as AdFly (or other link shortening services with earnings) or advertisements, he has to contact us and we might give him the written permission to do so. Without our permission any author of the mod made with MCreator is not allowed to violate these terms.

7. Privacy

MCreator as software sends totally anonymous data about the usage amount but nothing else. Our website uses cookies and Google Analytics to track user's activity. If you use MCreator software or our websites, you agree to the fact that we collect anonymous statistic data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Cookie Agreement.

8. Copyright claims and takedowns

If you find the content on our website that is yours and is not posted with your permission, contact us and we will take it down as soon as possible. We try to validate and check all the content posted on our website by users but it can still happen that someone uses your content without your permissions without us noticing it. We are sorry if this happens to you and we will immediately take such content down on your request.

9. Source code

MCreator's source code is our property. You are not allowed to decompile MCreator and use its code or parts of it for any purpose, even private one. You are not allowed use tmp_java files in any other was as from the interface of MCreator. You are not allowed to use them as the reference for your non-MCreator mods or in any other projects.

10. Pylo account

We might delete your account if you haven't been logged in for more than 9 months. We can send you occasional promotional material, product release notifications or other notifications to the e-mail you provided with the registration data for Pylo account. Other terms regarding Pylo account can be found on the Pylo's terms of use page.

11. Updates of these terms

We have right to update these terms at any moment without prior notification and without notifying you about the change. However, if we do any bigger changes regarding these terms, we will most likely notify you.


Terms of use for MCreator found on other sources than this page (https://mcreator.net/terms-of-use) are not valid.