General Publishing Guidelines


This wiki page is all about publishing posts. The rules listed below apply to both forum, wiki, comments, and mod descriptions.

General rules

The content must:

  • be related to MCreator,
  • not be spam,
  • not contain inappropriate words, links to websites, or images,
  • not contain any rants and anger towards other users, moderators, or administrators

You may not:

  • duplicate forum topics or abuse forum in any other form of spamming in order to catch the attention
  • cause unrest within the forum, comment section, or any other place on this website
  • post in any other language than English
  • bump forum topics or tickets
  • ping developers or other users in forum topic names
  • write with caps lock turned on
  • write and post with the intent to promote your website, products, or services on the website

Code and logs

Code and error, compile, or run logs belong on a paste service such as Pastebin, Hastebin, GitHub gist, or similar, if it is longer than a few 10 lines. Code and logs should in no case be posted as a screenshot as this makes the log hard to read and parse.

Forum topic titles

Forum topics titled "I need help", "HELP", "Help needed", and other types of capitalized titles or titles without any context and meaning will be removed by moderators.

English only

Only English content is allowed on this website. The main reason for this is that developers and moderators are required to know the English language only. Due to this, we can only reliably moderate content in English.

This stands for screenshots of MCreator too. If you use MCreator with a translation plugin, show screenshots in English UI or your post will likely be removed or at least receive no help due to most users not being able to understand the words on the screenshots.

The role of the moderators

  • keep this website clean and user-friendly
  • remove mods that do not meet the publishing guidelines
  • remove forum topics that do not meet the publishing guidelines
  • moderate and remove comments that do not follow our publishing guidelines


Not acknowledging these rules and failing to heed them may lead to account bans or mutes. Your content can be removed without any prior warnings in case of severe violations.

Copyright explained in a video

If you are unsure how licensing and copyright work in general, you can check out a community-made video below for more information.

Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.