User Points System


User points are a number that represents one's contribution to the MCreator's community. A higher user point count means that the person has contributed more to the community than the lower user point count.

The current formula

U = Ncomments*0.5 + Nforums*5 + Nmodifications*10 + Nplugins*30 + Nwikipages*20 + atan(0.002*(accountageindays-1000))*450*(2/PI) + 317

Old formula

We used to calculate the user point count using the following formula:

U(C,F,M,W)= C + 3F + 4M + 5W

The factors

User points (U) are calculated using the number of user's comments (C), forum topics (F), number of posted modifications (M) and the amount of user's wiki pages (W).

User point ranks

Once a user reaches a certain level, a new rank is unlocked in a form of a Minecraft material representing this rank. Known ranks are shown in the table below, but there are some more hidden ranks too ;)


MCreator user point ranks


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