User Points System


User points are a number that represents one's contribution to the MCreator's community. A higher user point count means that the person has contributed more to the community than the lower user point count.

Current formula

Currently, we calculate the user point count using the following formula:

U(C,F,M,W)= C + 3F + 4M + 5W

The factors

User points (U) are calculated using the amountĀ of user's comments (C), forum topics (F), number of posted modifications (M) and the amount of user's wiki pages (W).


In the past, user points were added and subtracted based on the events that user did such as added new comment, posted new modification, etc. Now the user points are calculatedĀ from the current state rather than from log of events which is a faster method and also allows us to change and improve the calculation of them at any moment.

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