User Points System


User points are a number that represents one's contribution to the MCreator's community. A higher user point count means that the person has contributed more to the community than the lower user point count.

The current formula

U = C*0.5 + F*5 + M*10 + P*30 + W*20 + atan(0.002*(A-1000))*450*(2/PI) + 317

The factors

User points (U) are calculated using:

  • account age in days (A)
  • number of user's comments (C)
  • number of forum topics (F)
  • number of posted modifications (M)
  • number of posted plugins (P)
  • amount of user's wiki pages (W)

User point ranks

Once a user reaches a certain level, a new rank is unlocked in a form of a Minecraft material representing this rank. Known ranks are shown in the table below, but there are some more hidden ranks too ;)


MCreator user point ranks


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