This wiki section contains wiki pages related to tips on how to use the website, how the website works and guidelines for posting content.

Unofficial Discord Servers

MCreator currently has no official Discord Server, but below is a list of community-driven unofficial Discord servers. As unofficial servers, the core MCreator team (Pylo) is not affiliated with them…

Modification Publishing Guidelines

Introduction This is the page, where you can learn all about posting modifications on MCreator's community. Keep in mind, that we only allow mods made using MCreator!

User Points System

User points are a number that represents one's contribution to the MCreator's community. A higher user point count means that the person has contributed more to the community than the lower user…

General Publishing Guidelines

This wiki page is all about publishing posts. The rules listed below apply to both forum, wiki, comments, and mod descriptions. General rules The content must: be related to MCreator, not be spam,…

Issue tracker tips and rules

Please read this page fully before opening issues on our issue tracker or opening a new forum topic. In short, these are the steps you should do before opening an issue on GitHub: Carefully check our…

Terms for Moderators

The purpose of a moderator is to keep this website clean and a friendly place for all the users.

Issue tracker ticket status

Tickets on MCreator's issue tracker can have any of the following statuses/states:

Wiki Contribution Guide

General rules Anyone can become a contributor by submitting their application on the wiki contributor submission form. We make a background check and if we are confident that the applicant is…