Unofficial Discord Servers


MCreator currently has no official Discord Server, but below is a list of community-driven unofficial Discord servers.

As unofficial servers, the core MCreator team (Pylo) is not affiliated with them in any way. The support and news received on those servers is not verified or official source. We do not endorse or associate with any opinion expressed on those servers.

List of Unofficial Discord Servers

Below is a list of unofficial Discord servers related to MCreator software with join links and member count. Keep in mind the member count is subject to change with time and we may not update the page with the changes as often as the member count grows.


Invite link:


Invite link:


Invite link:

MCreation Hub

Invite link:


Invite link:

How to get my server on the list?

To get your server added to this list, get in touch with one of the wiki contributors, or contact us via contact forms or social networks and we will try to add it in case it is relevant and big enough. The server also needs to be MCreator-only, so small servers covering MCreator and other things will not be accepted.

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