Wiki Contribution Guide


General rules

Anyone can become a contributor by submitting their application on the wiki contributor submission form. We make a background check and if we are confident that the applicant is appropriate, we add this user a wiki contributor role. This role can be withdrawn from the user at any time if we find out the user is not appropriate and is not following or Terms of use, General Publishing Guidelines or these rules.

Content on the wiki should be clear, MCreator related and written with the purpose to help users with modding using MCreator mod making tool.


Please take a look at our existing wiki pages for the formatting examples, so we keep the consistency across all wiki pages for easier orientation.

You have to use different heading levels found in the editor of the wiki page for separating the content. Use Heading as the primary level and Heading 2, 3, ... for children of separate topics on the wiki. Based on these headings, the page index is built in the sidebar of the page for easier navigation.

Link to other MCreator's Wiki pages as much as possible, so the user can find as much information as possible with ease. When adding a link, make sure to use relative links. This means the links should look like /wiki/page-title and not

If the page is posted only for legacy reasons, there is a checkbox to indicate this state, the same applies to pages that need an update. If you think the page needs to be updated, mark it with Needs update flag, but keep in mind that we prefer that you update the page contents instead of just flagging it. Also, don't flag content that is more or less up to date, but just some sections are not because the users might still find it helpful, but not read it because of the Needs update warning.

Please make sure to list related wiki pages using our related pages widget found on wiki page edit form, so users can continue their search on the wiki once they read the page.

Another element of the page is the Works with the section in which, the versions of MCreator that this guide applies to are listed. Here you can list versions of MCreator that the guide was written or updated for. If the guide is more or less for all MCreator versions, type All versions in the box. If the wiki page is not directly connected to the MCreator as a software, just leave this field empty when editing or adding a new wiki page.

The title of the wiki page should be formatted according to the title capitalizing standard, which means:

  • capitalize the first and last word of any title,
  • capitalize nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs,
  • do not capitalize articles, prepositions, or coordinating conjunctions.

Headings in the wiki pages have their first word uppercased and all the other words are written lowercase.

Adding new wiki page

Before adding a new wiki page, make sure that a similar page does not exist yet by checking the wiki index. If a similar page already exists, consider editing it. But at the same time, fragmentation of pages is not a bad thing either, but make sure to link all the pages together so the user can navigate through them. So a good rule of thumb is that you should create a new page if the content differs from one page so much, that the section on an existing page would not be relevant enough, or the specific section would be too long. In such a case, create a new page for the section and link to this page from the existing page and add the page to the list of related pages.

Editing existing pages

You are welcome to edit existing pages (excluding some pages listed in the note below). If you find a page outdated or that it lacks some information, just click the edit tab and edit the page. Make sure to respect the existing content on the page and expand on it. It is advised to leave existing content on the page if it is relevant for older versions, just move it in another section so the users of older MCreator versions can also find useful information. If the content is really outdated, you might, however, remove it to avoid confusion. You are welcome to correct grammatical mistakes, related pages and generally any element of the page as long as you follow our rules.


The only permitted language on the wiki and also on the whole website is English. This way, we keep the content consistent, universal and globally understandable. Please make sure to spellcheck your content and read it again by yourself before publishing it, to make sure it is grammatically correct, that there are no spelling mistakes and that the content is clear and readable. Write in formal English, we suggest the use of a tool such as Grammarly to verify your writing before publishing your work.


Make sure to leave a revision message with each edit you make on the website. The revision log message should be an abstract of the edit, so other wiki contributors and moderators can see the revisions of the page and check what changes were made on the pages. You can read the revisions and compare them using the Revisions tab on top of every wiki page. Only users with the moderator, wiki contributor or developer role can see page revisions.


A wiki contributor needs to make sure that their user account is secured with a good and safe password that is not known to other people. In case of breach of the user account or even in a suspect of it, a wiki contributor is obligated to notify us as soon as they can so we can remove their role from their user account until the account is secured back for security reasons.

Inactive contributors

Wiki contributors that are inactive for more than three months can lose their wiki contributor status and have to request it again. This is in order to prevent users from having badges that don't represent their actual role and for security reasons.


This page and other submission and contribution guidelines pages on the wiki should not be edited by other wiki users than administrators. If you want to edit such a page, contact one of the developers or administrators and send them to change recommendations so they edit these pages. We keep track of file history so any user that will edit such pages without permission will lose their wiki contributor role.

You may also not create new wiki pages that are not related to MCreator and modding but rather to administrative or legal topics, as this is a domain of developers and administrators of this website.

Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.