Terms for Moderators


The purpose of a moderator is to keep this website clean and a friendly place for all the users.

What moderator can do

  • Moderator can unpublish any forum topic or modification and ask the content author to do the changes so their page complies with our publishing rules
  • Moderator can publish any forum topic or modification back if the content author fixes problems with their page that caused it to be unpublished in the first place
  • Moderator can unpublish any issue tracker ticket ask the content author to do the changes so their page complies with our publishing rules
  • Moderator can report repeating violations of our terms to administrators that can block the reported user account
  • Moderator can see all unpublished forum topics and modifications
  • Moderator can see wiki page revision history
  • Moderator can contact developers of MCreator in case of any concerns regarding what the right thing to do in a certain situation regarding the website would be
  • Report spam user accounts for the removal to the administrators
  • Moderator has a username badge moderator which indicated the user is a moderator

The purpose of the actions described above is that the moderator can enforce website rules and make sure that the rules are properly followed by the community.

What moderator should do

  • Help users on forums and on the issue tracker
  • Unpublish pages if asked by a user with a legitimate reason and if the page is owned by the user asking for it to be unpublished
  • Unpublish pages that violate our content guideliness
  • Calmly help resolve any disputes or arguments on the website
  • Keep a positive and respectful attitude towards all users
  • Keep community a safe, friendly and open place for all users
  • Understand that they are not affiliated with Pylo or MCreator nor are official developers, but an independent volunteer and that moderating MCreator’s website is not a real “job” in any sense of the word (they do it for free in their free time)

What moderator is not allowed to do

  • Abuse their position in any illegal or illegitimate way or in any other way that would be against our rules, guidelines or common sense
  • Do actions that are not compatible or do not follow our terms and guidelines
  • Be biased towards certain users or user group
  • Share their user account with any other person
  • Introduce own rules on moderation
  • Do actions that might confuse users in thinking such actions are officially supported by Pylo (while moderator has extended rights, it is still an unofficial community function not affiliated with Pylo)
  • Edit content guidelines and other related documents on the website without prior permission of one of the website admins (Pylo)

A moderator needs to make sure that their user account is secured with a good and safe password that is not known to other people. In case of breach of the user account or even in a suspect of it, the moderator is obligated to notify us as soon as they can so we can remove the moderator role from their user account until the account is secured back for security reasons.

A violation of any of the terms on this page can result in the removal of the moderator role or even in the removal of a user account if the violation is serious. In most cases, we will try to resolve any issues by contacting a moderator first.

Inactive moderators

Moderators that are inactive for more than one month or no longer actively participate as moderators can lose their moderator role and have to request it again. This is in order to prevent users from having badges that don't represent their actual role and for security reasons.


This page and other submission and contribution guidelines pages on the wiki should not be edited by other wiki users than administrators. If you want to edit such a page, contact one of the developers or administrators and send them to change recommendations so they edit these pages. We keep track of file history so any user that will edit such pages without permission will lose their wiki contributor role.

You may also not create new wiki pages that are not related to MCreator and modding but rather to administrative or legal topics, as this is a domain of developers and administrators of this website.

Donate to MCreator

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