Tips for reporting bugs and issues


Before opening an issue

Solutions to most of the common problems can be found in our Knowledgebase.

Search for similar or duplicate issues before opening a new issue to avoid duplicates. Duplicate issues will be removed and multiple duplicate posts can result in user block. Incomplete issues with a very small amount of detail will be removed. The same goes for the issues that could easily be solved with a minimal search on the website. When you publish the issue, it is first only visible to you and developers. After we review it, it can be seen and commented on by the whole community.

Helping us understand the issue context

When possible, attach your MCreator workspace (preferably a minimal example workspace required to reproduce the bug; use File -> Export workspace to a shareable ZIP...), game logs (full logs, do not crop them, in text format, not screenshots of logs) from the Console tab or terminal, and steps to reproduce the bug in your workspace. Please specify which mod elements to check in your workspace too, if applicable.

Long logs should be pasted to Gist service and linked to the issue.

Things to keep in mind

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick the most requested features from there. For questions related to the usage of MCreator, open a forum topic instead. This tracker is not a place for programming support neither.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to watch the video, you can find the wiki page above summarized in videos below:


Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.