Issue tracker ticket status


Tickets on MCreator's issue tracker can have any of the following statuses/states:

  • Active - Ticket is being worked on or will be worked on in the future
    • Developer needs more info - Developer needs to more information on the details of the issue
    • Postponed - Ticket will be worked on later in the future (usually due to scope of the ticket)
    • Needs testing - User needs to confirm the solution or the developer needs to test the solution
  • Resolved - Used mainly for support requests to mark them as complete
  • Fixed - Used for feature requests and bug reports to indicate that it was fixed and was or will be released in an update
  • Won't fix - Means that the ticket will not fix for reasons such as to request being out of our scope or timeframes or too complex
  • Works as designed - This means that the reported case is meant to work this way
  • Outdated - Ticket was reported for an older unsupported version or the user did not respond to the ticket
  • Can not reproduce - Developers are not able to reproduce the bug with the given set of details the issue opener provided
  • Invalid - Ticket author did not follow the issue tracker rules and posted an invalid ticket
    • Duplicate - There already exists the same or similar ticket that covers this topic or provides a resolution or there is a wiki or knowledge base topic on this or a forum topic

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