Modification Publishing Guidelines



This is the page, where you can learn all about posting modifications on MCreator's community. Keep in mind, that we only allow mods made using MCreator!

Making a good modification page

Making a good picture

Selecting a good picture is sometimes just as important as making a good mod in the first place. A good picture makes your mod more attractive which is what every mod creator wants to achieve. You must have the permission for using it! The best way is making the picture yourself which can be done using various free programs such as Gimp, or paid programs such as Photoshop. We advise you not to use Paint since the quality of pictures made with it often doesn't meet our requirements. The pictures mustn't have a white background. You can use mod's screenshot instead, but be sure that it isn't an inventory screenshot and that it doesn't contain the hotbar (press the f1 key). Using a random picture or one that doesn't meet the basic standards mentioned above will result in permanent removal of your mod!

MCreator Mod Picture Guidelines

Making a good description

Making a good description for your mod is essential as it's the last thing one sees before downloading the mod. It can truly be the deciding factor for some to either download your mod or not. The description has to be written in the English language! Any other languages in your mod's description will result in a permanent removal of your mod. Bilingual descriptions are not allowed as well. Doing so will lead to the removal of the non-English parts.

The Minimal length of the description is 150 characters!

Mod version control

If you have multiple versions of mods, you don't need to make a new mod page for each version, even if the mod is for different versions of Minecraft. In such case, select the highest supported version of Minecraft as the version mod supports. Mod sequels are allowed to be posted as different modifications since they usually differ from predecessors by a lot. Duplicates will be removed.


Not putting much effort into the mod's page may cause that it won't be as popular as it could be or it might even be removed by the site moderators.

Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.