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MCreator plugins are extensions adding additional functionality to MCreator such as new generator types, new procedure blocks, AI tasks, support for APIs, and much more.

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APIs Reborn

Posted by GamesofFreak, last updated 8 months ago
This Plugins add some APIs that cannot be used with the latest MCreator Snapshot without manually adding. APIs Included Bookshelf CraftTweaker Curios API GeckoLib Just Enough Items Patchouli Procedures Included for APIs Curios API GeckoLib Installation Method 1: Close MCreator Go…

Tags: Mod support, Procedures, API support  Comments: 105
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.12313


Posted by GamesofFreak, last updated 8 months ago
About the Plugin This Plugin adds Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core Support! It's only a Plugin that adds support for Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core, for Coding check the Wiki for that. Supports MCreator 2021.1 Snapshots and higher! you can find the wiki for API usage here. Make sure…

Tags: API support  Comments: 7
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.03117, EAP 2021.1.12313

Ultimate Template Pack

Posted by Echoless, last updated 8 months ago
A Template Pack with 45 hand made textures based off of the vanilla game.   This template pack was made for MCreator 2021.1.12313 and up! All textures in this pack were drawn in Paint.Net by me (Echoless) to make sure that users can use vanilla like textures in their mods.    Installation…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 5
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.12313, 2020.4, 2020.5

Numbered Dimension Procedures

Posted by Bullfighter2009, last updated 9 months ago
Adds numbered dimenion procedures like MCreator 2020.5 and before. Procedures: ID in numbers of dimension Event/Target entity is in Get numerical dimension ID in numbers of: Surface Get dimension ID in numbers of provided world

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 4
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2020.6.52319, EAP 2021.1.03117

MCreator 1.16.x Datapack Generator

Posted by U1timateJ7, last updated 11 months ago
This plugin is being discontinued due to MCreator's addition of 1.16.x datapack support.   New Update! v1.2   Added support for custom biomes: Biome parent, biome dictionary, biome type (temperature group), Custom trees and entity spawning are not supported Biomes automatically generate…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4, 2020.5

ExtraProcedure Plugin

Posted by Max094_Reikeb, last updated 1 year ago
This plugin is the result of the collaboration between CrispyChips and Max094_Reikeb. It adds more procedure blocks and works with both MC 1.14.4 and 1.15.2. Features Block procedures Increase Block NBT number tag Get item in slot X of block at x, y, z (it was in 2020.2 but removed in…

Tags: Procedures, Global triggers  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4, 2020.5

More APIs support

Posted by crispy_chips1234, last updated 1 year ago
Support more APIs in MCreator via MCreator 2020.4's API loading plugin system! Currently, fully supported APIs include Patchouli, JEI, and Curios. More information can be found on the release page of the github repo. because I can't bother to copy and paste 2 sentences into this…

Tags: API support, Procedures  Comments: 19
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4

Cloth Commons

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 year ago
Cloth Commons is a library plugin adding a lot of things like data lists for newest Minecraft version(s), procedure blocks, global triggers, AI tasks and advancement triggers without the code. Each generator adds them. In the future, we will try to add the code for the Forge generators…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4, EAP 2020.5.35716

1.16.2 Data Pack Generator

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 year ago
Create your own Data packs for Minecraft 1.16.2. This second generator has been created to, in the future, have all custom world generation features. Disclaimer This generator is based on the 1.15.2 data pack generator created by Pylo. Features Advancements Biomes (the other generator…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 2
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4

Events Additions

Posted by InfiniteCraft, last updated 1 year ago
This plugin adds new global trigger and very useful procedures for events It adds new procedures for mcreator 2020.4 and the new snapshot 2020.5 for versions 1.12.2,1.14.4 and 1.15.2 Features Global triggers - A block is multi placed - An entity drops experience - When entity falls…

Tags: Global triggers  Comments: 3
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.4, 2020.5