Remote workspaces support (2023.2+)

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Java plugin
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About the plugin

This plugin is the replacement for the old native VCS (Version Control System) support by MCreator.


After 3 years of being a part of the software, it looked like the remote workspaces system is not popular enough to keep it in the core for any longer. The reason for this may be the fact that the integration only supported a limited set of features the involved system (Git API) could offer. So, as the maintainers did not have the time to dedicate to it, the system was migrated to a Java plugin for it to gain a chance to get more features supported faster than if it was included in the core software.

The plugin can be installed in the 3rd snapshot of 2023.2 update and higher versions by anyone using the system in earlier releases, and there will be literally no change in the workspace.


Releases for older versions are available on plugin's GitHub page.


2024.2.2 (Draft)

  • <placeholder>




  • [Bug fix] Plugin's actions and tab could disappear from workspace



  • Dropped earlier versions support due to breaking change in supported versions validation


  • Progress dialogs are now displayed during some time-consuming operations
  • [Bug fix] Conflict resolve dialog could not be resized
  • [Bug fix] Deleting workspace file locally/remotely was making further sync attempts impossible
  • [Bug fix] Checking out different branch had no effect on the workspace
  • [Bug fix] Remote branches could not be deleted
  • [Bug fix] Branches with unmerged commits could not be deleted


  • Ported to 2023.3
  • Added support for fetching/renaming/deleting branches
  • [Bug fix] Committer name could be set improperly in some cases


  • Added "Rollback local changes" action
  • [Bug fix] Plugin caused MCreator to freeze on MacOS devices

2023.2.1 (Initial porting)

  • Initial migration from MCreator core
  • New branch dialog now responses to invalid branch name definition
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2024.2.1 - mcreator-vcs-2024.2.1.zipUploaded on: 07/18/2024 - 14:56   File size: 3.6 MB


The primary goal of the plugin is to add support for Git so as to record changes to the workspace and store it remotely on one of related platforms, including GitHub. Git itself is not really related to GitHub bots. If you want to use them in your workspace repository, you'll have to write the configurations for them manually.

so i created a github repo and whenever i set it up it says a error occurred the repo is not empty but it is

Hello, when my friend, after i made a commit, tries synchronise the workspace, an error occured : "org.eclipse.jgit.lib.AnyObjectId.hashCode() because "id" is null"
I don't know how to fix that and i can't work with my friend anymore, do anyone has an idea please ? (I'm rly bad with code in general so idk what it is for..)

When I try to update a workspace with vcs from mcreator 2023.4 to 2024.1 it just says regenerating code at the bottom and doesnt load the workspace or vcs.

2023.4 version is deprecated.
But you can still download it at:

Hi, I've been using this plugin for a while now and everything has been fine. However, recently, it has become WAY slower, to the point where a single commit takes up to 5 minutes!
When I click the sync button, it seems to get stuck on the 'Pull' stage of loading for a few minutes, before finally finishing as usual. My workspace is very large (1500+ elements), so I understand if that is the problem, but I don't understand why this didn't happen before.
This seems to be unrelated to upgrading to 2024.1, as it still became slow on 2023.4, even though I didn't update the plugin.

If you are using the Newest version i could understand it.
The newest version of Remote Workspace only supports 2024.1

If you want to continue using the 2023.4 Version, you can download the Remote Workspace plugin for that version at:

The 2024.1.1 version is missing Push/Pull Buttons, or at least for me. So how do I pish/pull in this version?