Resolving MCreator being stuck on launch screen


There are some cases when MCreator can get stuck on its loading screen or splash screen. The fixes differ based on the stage on which MCreator was stuck in. Each stage has own section with solutions provided.

My MCreator is stuck on:

Loading Workspace Data

Try to reinstall MCreator. You most likely forcefully closed it or your computer crashed while MCreator was open. If you have a workspace with mod elements, go to <intall dir>/forge/.mcreator and you can find backups folder there. Replace your workspace.mcreator with one of the backups to restore the mod.

Examples of tickets from issue tracker with this issue:

Preloading textures

First, uninstall all theme plugins.

If the issue persists, you most likely have added custom textures in folder <user folder>/.mcreator/templates in order to have more templates in image maker. In some versions of MCreator, the invalid format of templates in this folder could crash MCreator. Make sure all your textures are in a proper PNG format.

Examples of tickets from issue tracker with this issue:

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